10th of March 2010: Going out

As I’ve already written in the last article, I went to meet two of Nozomi’s friends yesterday evening, Ayano and Shota. Nozomi and I met them at a bar (to which we had walked the whole way in the freaking cold) in the center of Okayama. Both of them were a little bit late, but as we could wait in the warm bar inside, this was no big problem.

When we were complete, we started eating and drinking which continued through the whole evening – I really felt stuffed afterwards xD I even ate octopus, but I didn’t really like it. Except for fish, seafood is still not really to my liking. But we had a lot of different stuff to eat too, so that wasn’t a problem: soy beans, rice, udon noodles, soup and much more… of which I didn’t take photos. But I’ll give you a photo of the four of us 😉

Today I’ll be visiting the Kibitsu shrine, one of the national treasures of Japan. And after that, I’m invited to an office party from Ayano’s boss… that’s going to be interesting xD

6 thoughts on “10th of March 2010: Going out

  1. I’m disappointed… No pics of the food? Dude, that’s like a must-have, when eating in a foreign country… 😀

    And which of those is Nozomi? The cute one on your right?

  2. Actually I think it’s rather weird to do photos of the food all the time, when you’re out with some people. It’s rather interupting in my opinion 😉

    And you’re right about Nozomi.

  3. I wonder when Japan will officially admit that peace signs are a widespread disease? Kiddin… 😉

  4. We will never know! But when you’re there, you just start to be soaked into this thing. Like me on this photo. It was kind of a reflex. Weird stuff ^^

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