12th of March: Running up the hill… or again not xD

I had planned to climb that damned hill, I already wanted to climb last week, today. But some things just don’t want to be done it seems. When I left Okayama station to go to the mountain, I already had an urge to do something else. Namely shopping. Not for cool stuff, but more for souvenirs (which of course are also cool, but they aren’t for me xD) for my family and friends. Half of the trip’s already over and I don’t want to do that on the last day. So I set out into the city and shops there. In my opinion, shopping doesn’t need a big explanation, so I’ll just throw images at you here and let you ask the questions. Might get interesting, huh? 😉

@Mr. Y: You can even see food! 😮

4 thoughts on “12th of March: Running up the hill… or again not xD

  1. How about bringing me some cool stuff, like a Wii or a Playstation 3? Or a Denshi Jisho. That would be okay, too, I guess.

    Oh and before I forget: YAAAY, FOOD! MOOOAAAR!

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