13th of March: Kurashiki

So, after a weekend of touring, I’m back with some input for you. Last Saturday, Nozomi and I visited the Bizen cultural area an the city of Kurashiki, which is about 20 minutes train-ride away from Okayama. The Bizen cultural area, is a small district in Kurashiki, where the buildings from the Edo-period are preserved and you can get a feeling for the typical japanese city of that time. Apparently, it also is a big tourist trap, with a lot of shops, street merchants and some pretty high prices on most of the stuff they sell. And as a good tourist, I also bought some of their goods as souvenirs – with only best interest for the japanese economy in mind, of course 😉

Like with the last article, I’ll leave you with a nice gallery of pictures, that I made that day. Those include shots of Kurashiki, the Bizen cultural area and some more great things I’ve seen or done there. I hope you will enjoy them and feel free to ask any questions that come to your mind 🙂

One thought on “13th of March: Kurashiki

  1. I NEED one of those hats that those guys on the boat are wearing! Failing that, a Denshi Jisho.

    Oh and that cat picture is so wrong. There aren’t enough letters in the word “gay” to express the utter gayness of it.

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