19th of March: Saidaiji… wait, where is it?

Yesterday was cold and rainy again, so I refrained from doing any touring at all and only went out to do some shopping for food (which is pretty expensive in Japan!). As a result, I’ll directly jump to today’s article 😉

I had decided to visit the Saidaiji-temple, where the ‘Hadaka Matsuri’ (Naked Man Festival) takes place in every February. I had sadly missed the festival for about two weeks when I arrived in Japan, but at least I wanted to see the celebrations location. So I took the train to Saidaiji and navigated with my tourists map from there. Unfortunately, there was no temple on the marked location in the map! 😀 I had to chose and new direction and took the way to a temple that I could see on a mountain not too far away. But that temple was not Saidaiji as I found out there and walking back to find a new way was out of question. I decided to watch this temple and the area instead and then took the train back home – after finding the train station, which was hidden pretty well behind a mountain ^^

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