11th Japan Filmfest Hamburg – The Diary (Day 3)

Howdy! I bring you new stuff from the movie festival and this time, I’ve got photos! 😀

After watching Blood of Rebirth yesterday (the trailer is linked in the previous posting), which was kinda freaky and psychedelic, we went to the festival party, to celebrate a bit. We had japanese beer, a liveband and green tea cocktail – and a pretty nicely designed location. It was quite crowded for some time, before it became really late, so it seems, that this party was a success for the festival 🙂

And today, we organized the movie breakfast, which is a buffet with a mix between western and japanese breakfast before the early movie on 11:00. We had to start the preparations at 8:00, so I was still pretty tired from the last night, but that’s the price for partying, I guess ^^ We prepared Onigiri, Miso-soup, Natto and even more japanese dishes and they were probably really good – because they were gone, before we could eat some as well. Next time, we need to make more food, so the team can have some too xD

Anyway, this evening I’ll watch USB, Robo Geisha and Big Tits Zombie 3D – I’m in for a lot of blood (of course just with the last two movies – which I also have to announce) 😀

And here come the pictures:

Cya 😉

2 thoughts on “11th Japan Filmfest Hamburg – The Diary (Day 3)

  1. Cool, looks like you guys had fun. I must admit the pictures weren’t quite what I was expecting from a movie festival. Sounds more like a con with the party and food ‘n shtuff. I approve.
    The movies sound, eh, interesting. ;p

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