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Long time, no read eh? Yeah right, I haven’t been the most productive writer in these past one and a half months – I admit it. Too much stuff to care for, like exams and work. But I’m finally back and I’ve brought some stuff with me to feed everyone with new life input from me 😀

Right now, I’m a Tutor in the Summer School at the Hamburg University for Japanese, who came here for a month to learn German. It all started with two days, in which I spent 7 hours at the airport to pick the japanese students up – instead of an hour, which was the time I planned for that beforehand. But some plane in Japan couldn’t start for some technical reasons and nearly every student was sent to Hamburg on a different route around the globe. Sadly, we didn’t know about the different new flight plans, so the organisation at the airport was pure chaos with us don’t knowing were everyone was and at the same time having to care for te students, who had already arrived. Probably one of the highest stress levels I’ve had so far…

Luckily, the Summer School itself turned out to be a great thing and everyday there is a lot of fun. Last week, I had to teach Yui and Mimi, who were both really eager to learn and we didn’t even had to bother with too much shyness at the beginning of the week 🙂 Mimi is also a student at the Hiroshima University, so I’ve already found out some more facts about my future exchange university. The most shocking one was sadly that I will be studying in Higashi Hiroshima, which is a part of the city that’s a ‘little’ bit away from the main urban region. Less nightlife and more running in the woods, I guess ^^”

Anyway, we’ve done a Hamburg tour with all of the Summer School students on Saturday, so I’d like to show you some pictures of that now. It was the only good day in the last week and this week is also pretty rainy so far.

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  1. I wish i could be one of the students too =(
    Fiorire will go to Hamburg in the autumn if everything goes well with her visa.
    She’ll visit you for me, maybe ^^

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