Super sugoi* Summer School 2010

The Summer School ended one week ago and, except for the students who stay in Hamburg for a longer time or who are travelling in Europe, everyone has returned to Japan by now. Which is really sad, because I’ve met a lot of cool and nice people in the last month and it has been a real pleasure to teach them and lay the foundation for lasting friendships (how solid these foundations are is something, that only the future can tell). I can definitely say, that the last month was one of the best in my whole life! The title of this entry says it all 😉

*expression bold stolen from Katelynd 😛

I’ll keep it all in good memory and hope to see a lot of the people in Japan next year!

One thought on “Super sugoi* Summer School 2010

  1. 😀 I feel the love.

    Just think though, you might see some of these people next year when you head over. Isn’t that exciting?!

    (Wow.. an optimistic Katelynd.. when does this happen)


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