I’ve arrived!

What a journey… in theory, I’ve already done more or less the same trip, when I went to Okayama last year, so I knew what to expect. But about 24 hours of travelling are still devastating, even if you travel in high quality transports like they are used by Emirates Airlines and the Japanese Railways. And going away for a whole year and leaving a lot of people and things behind doesn’t help either.

But first things first, my flight in Hamburg started at around 16:00 local time (although it should have started more than half an hour earlier) and leaving Ruth and my family was really hard and moving, although I was dead set on flying. Still, I know where my harbour is and always will be and I’m grateful for that. And as every good sailor I will return J Usually I don’t write these things here, but I felt I had to – these are still my thoughts after all! I flew together with Anju and Simone, two fellow students, who were heading to Kobe and Osaka.

Upon arriving on Dubai, we had to fly over the airport for like 45 more minutes, because the flight control was too busy, to give us a landing permission. At least this time, I didn’t have to run through the whole airport to get to the new plane. After some fighting with the notoriously slow internet in the airport, we finally managed to make it work and I even had the chance to chat with Ruth and write a few words on Facebook. While doing so, we were a bit lost in time and only entered the next plane on the last call. But we weren’t the last passengers to enter, so it must have been ok.

In the plane, we all took a good nap after the start. As it was pretty empty, everyone who wanted to was able take 3 or 4 seats next to each other and lie down more comfortably than sitting in the regular seat. The flight went pretty smoothly this time and we got to Osaka in time and while the sun was still shining over the bay, in which the Kansai International Airport is located. On the way over the sea, I saw many white spots floating in the sea and wasn’t able to figure out, whether they were fish, wave crowns or tsunami debris. At the airport we got our luggage back and proceeded to the train station without problems. Anjus friend Taka was so kind to help me buy my ticket to Hiroshima and so we had to depart there, as all of us went to different cities. But as we would all see each other again in the months to follow, it wasn’t such a sad event.

My train to the center of Osaka came on time (a thing, that I’d like to have for german trains more often too…) and I was also able to change trains in Osaka city without a problem, except for the weight of my luggage, which had already exceeded the limit on the flight by 5kg, but was still considered to be ok. I then took the Kodama Shinkansen to Hiroshima and man… that thing was ridiculously fast! To be fair, it was dark outside, but it still felt like flying while still being on the ground.

When I arrived, a professor of the university picked me up at the train station and drove me to my dormitory, where I am right now. It’s better than I expected (I have a bath with a shower, a small kitchen, even a balcony) but the rent is also three times higher than I expected. Well… it will still work out I think. Although at this moment, I don’t think (haha!) I’m still capable of thinking… should go into my bed… But I leave you with photos of my room, so enjoy! 🙂

7 thoughts on “I’ve arrived!

  1. I hope this toilet has a fontaine? I must admit your room is pretty nice B-)

  2. Hey there Mr. Japanoman, glad you’ve arrived safely. The room looks nice and clean, but three times as expensive sounds eep. How the hell are you going to manage that?

  3. Because the originally anticipated price was extremely low – like 50€ per month. And no, the toilet has no fountain 😉

  4. It is indeed. There’s still extra fees to add, like gas and water, but in the end it’s still a good price. Even more when you consider it’s in Japan.

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