A small survey

Hi again everyone. My time in Japan amounts to roughly one and a half months now, relatively well documented in this blog of mine. Therefor, I thought it might be a good idea, to gather some feedback, as to what you liked so far (and maybe even disliked – booh! :P) and what might need some changing in your eyes. I personally noticed some problems too and will add them at the relevant places, so you can get my view on things. I hope you all participate and help me to make this as much fun as possible 🙂

Thanks in advance!

1. Content/Categories:

  • How did you like the content so far? Would you like to see some things covered more or some covered less?  Maybe less diary-entries and more articles focussed on something?
  • How are the categories working out for you? Should some be a litle bit more lively?
  • Special point: Question of the month – what do you think about this? I didn’t receive a hell lot of input for the  first month, but to be fair, I also didn’t invest that much effort in fulfilling one of the questions posted. What  should happen to this category? I’m considering scrapping it entirely, but maybe you’ve got some better ideas  to make it work from both sides.

2. Style:

  • Are you pleased with the way I write? Too much ‘and then’, ‘after that’ and so on?  English is not my native language, so I find it hard, to make it as vibrant as my German ^^
  • Media – I heard some screams of more videos and photos, but does that represent everyone?  And if more photos, how do you like to see them integrated into the articles? Gallery at the end or photos in between the text blocks. I tried both, but none of them is the perfect solution, I think. And a combination in one article doesn’t work.
  • Anything more, that you want to add?

That’s it so far! Please participate! 🙂

5 thoughts on “A small survey

  1. More photos of hot Japanese girls would improve this blog 1000000%

  2. Hot japanese girls can improve everything, I must agree.
    Anyway, your survey:
    1.1: I like. The more random the better. I also like your mix of diary style and randomness. More food is always good. 😀
    1.2: Works for me. Maybe you can add something like everyday weirdness? I know that living abroad it’s the little things that add up to the feeling of culture shock, not the big things. People might like to read about that? I know I would. That seemed to be the most popular posts I had after our stay in the US.
    1.3: Dude, chill.
    2.1: See point 1.3. You worry too much, just do your own thing in your own way, so far so good. Your english is perfectly understandable and writing in your own style just makes it more personal, which is a good thing for a diary style blog.
    2.2: See point 1.3. But yeah, more, more, MORE! 😛 I think a wordpress theme with a wider content area would be better, but that’s personal preference. As for how to integrate them into the article. If you do a diary style article then yes, it makes more sense to integrate the pictures with the text. “Today we went here and did this and that” with the pictures that go with it. That makes more sense than a huge block of text describing a week and then a bomb of 100 pictures where no one in this timezone is going to know which pic belongs with which part of your journey.
    2.3: Yeah, see point 1.3.
    The most important thing is you being happy with it. If you enjoy what you’re doing and how you’re doing it then I’m sure the rest of us will as well.

  3. 1.1:
    I rather prefer articles with some focus than diary-stuff.

    Enough but you need more content to fill the categories 😀

    My question was completely ignored >:/ The casual reader wants to be entertained and pares down their own work to the minimum. You should be able to cope with this cruel world 😀


    – photos between the text blocks –> PERFECT!
    – more motion pictures –> MORE PERFECT!


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