Yomei-mon, or the Gate of the Sunlight, is the entry gate to the inner Toshogu-Shrine. It is said to be one of the prime examples of Japanese artisanship of that time and is a magnificient sight! (even when it’s raining xD)

3 thoughts on “CIMG1950

  1. I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for these shrines and gates.

    By the way, still struggling with WordPress? The individual pages still use the small piccies.

  2. I actually didn’t know I could change anything about that. Is there a way? So far I was ok with everyone having to klick the small image once more on the individual pages for a big image

  3. Part of the problem was that your media settings had the medium size set rather small, I’ve taken the liberty of adjusting it to match the settings I use on my blog.
    For you next posts these will be used. Also keep an eye on the image settings you use when you add the image, there’s a lot to choose from, like different sizes, linking to image or attachment page and what not. If it’s still small on a next post I’ll go in and see if other things need to be fixed. This theme is getting rather old and doesn’t support all the new wordpress features.

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