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I bet most of you have already read or heard about capsule hotels in Japan. Those hotels, where you don’t sleep in your own room, but instead sleep in a plastic box in a room with many of those, called capsules. They usually feature a few technical amenities such as a television and the stereotypical customer is the Japanese salaryman on a business trip.

But as some of them are really cheap and can even compete with hostels, I gave it a try and stayed in a capsule hotel in Asakusa on my trip to Tokyo last week. It was located directly next to Asakusa station and from the public bath in the 8th floor, you had a really beautiful view over the Sumida River and towards the famous Asahi Building, as well as the soon to be completed Tokyo Sky Tree. So obviously I went up there every evening, went to the sauna, took a hot bath Β and enjoyed the sight from there.

But back to the capsules. I was actually a bit surprised how spacious those seemed to me, as I hadn’t expected to be able to sit upright in one, which was perfectly possible. Space to the sides was also no problem at, only the length would have been more comfortable had it been 5-10cm more. The way it was, my feet were constantly scratching at the curtain, which closed my capsule once I was inside. The television presented me with 10 Japanese TV channels for free every evening, so no need for complaints there as well.

And now please have a look at a few pictures πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Capsule Hotels

  1. i though capsules are much less expensive then hostels 0 :
    so among pros are only err .. not-so-spacious privacy, tv and unique experience?
    and a hot bath, okay. definitely hot bath.

  2. Sadly, they are not really cheaper than hostels. But they mostly serve a different target group, so that seems to work ok. Japanese businesspeople don’t want to sleep in hostels and in that case capsule hotels are a really cheap alternative to traditional hotels.
    For backpacking it’s mostly about the experience, I’d say. I think not every capsule hotel sports a hot bath ^^

  3. “I bet most of you have already read or heard about capsule hotels in Japan.”

    The latest contact that I had with capsule hotels was in “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”… it ended with a bloody massacre πŸ˜€ Still, the soundtrack was good enough for this establishment!

    My part for geeky game references πŸ˜€

  4. I always hated the idea of these. For one I don’t think I’d fit even if I tried. But it also looks way too claustrophobic for me. Plus the idea of being confined with a bunch of people in such a small space…. hell no.

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