Traveling 2015 – Hiroshima (広島) | Saijo (西条)

The second time that I was able to travel for a few days during my current stay in Tokyo I decided to go to Hiroshima prefecture. A few very good friends from the time that I studied at Hiroshima University are still (or again) living in the area and I wanted to take the chance to see them again. It’s still quite a bit from Tokyo to Hiroshima (13 hours by night bus in fact), but it’s definitely less of a distance than if I were to go there from Hamburg 😀

I was really happy that I was able to stay at a friends place for the days that I was in town. This made the whole trip really relaxed, as I didn’t have to care about bookings and reservations at all. I stayed in Saijo, which is a mid-size town in the east of Hiroshima city where I also studied from 2011 to 2012. It’s actually one of the few places (apart from mega cities such as Tokyo or Osaka) in Japan that are still growing and developing, so a few things had changed since I was in town the last time. Most notable were the new train station and the new town hall.

Still, the atmosphere of the town remained unchanged and it felt really good to walk the same streets again like in those years. Being famous for its sake, I also had to visit the brewery district and taste a few of their brands again. The summer varieties were also already on sale and fit the mostly sunny weather really well!

Saijo's first beergarden

Saijo’s first beergarden

The big reunion took place at Saijo’s first beergarden on the 10th floor of a hotel close to the place where I was staying. Beeing a roof terrace, the place was a bit windy, but the view over Saijo was beautiful. The bar also featured a very special machine to pour beer into the glasses – but just see for yourself:

YouTube Preview Image

I would consider this machine to be quite a useless invention, but that might be the traditionalist (when it comes to beer) in me speaking. Though it has to be said: the whole process worked out to be really fast and looked entertaining on top of that 😉

In any case, it was a really enjoyable evening, which was later topped off with some great karaoke singing! Thanks for all the fun, guys: Cheers!

Some of the most awesome people in the world!

Some of the most awesome people in the world!

That’s it for this post. The following two posts will deal with two trips I undertook while staying in Hiroshima. You should be able to read those on Thursday. Until then enjoy the current posts (or any of the older ones) and feel free to leave a comment 🙂