Summer Journeys – Atami (熱海)

Once a town famous for its many resort hotels catering to beach and hot spring tourists alike, Atami wasn’t a town we had planned to visit. But as bad weather prohibited our climbing of Mt. Fuji that day, we gave it a chance due to the close proximity to Mishima. It took maybe half an hour to get there by train and we didn’t have anything better to do that day anyway.

Now places like Atami might look nice and all that when the sun shines and many people are around, but when we went there it was all grey, rainy and quite deserted. Therefore we aquired some informations on what might be worth a look at the train station and just went for a walk through the town.

Atami was nothing special in the end and the drabness that was oozing from many of the town’s corners seemed to fit the declining tourism and change to a bedtown for people working in Tokyo and Yokohama. Maybe it all looks different in the holiday season with good weather, but I remain sceptical.