A Day in Chiba City (千葉市)

Living in Chiba prefecture, I also felt the urge to check out the prefectures main city, which conviniently goes by the name of Chiba City and was just easily reachable by taking the train for a few stations. I decided to meet there with my former language tandem partner Masako and her friend Nami, at whose house my brother and I stayed when we were climbing Mt. Fuji in 2011 – it already feels like ages ago.

For our day in Chiba City, we decided to go to the zoo first. From my past experiences with Japanese zoos this one stood out to me as actually using cages that weren’t too small (as far as zoo cages go – for the animals every case is too small, of course) and feeling very much like a forest, due to the large amount of trees everywhere. The zoo is especially famous for its lesser pandas who are now already in their third generation, as far as I remember. The oldest one of them even got to be a TV star by being able to stand on his behind legs. Though those weren’t the only animals, of course 😉

The next spot of our day trip was the port area. Chiba has one of the bigger ports in Japan and also boasts the port tower, from which you’re supposed to be able to see until Mt. Fuji if the skies are clear. We didn’t happen to be that lucky, but it was nevertheless a cool sight. The area around the port tower even felt a bit like the Elbe beach in Hamburg 🙂

With the sun slowly setting the three of us decided to head back to the city centre to go to an Izakaya and let the day come to an end there. The bar was one of Nami’s recommendations and it was definitely worth it. A huge selection of great food accompanied by nice drinks and a cool atmosphere. While we were in there and having fun, a strenght 8,4 earthquake struck Japan, but luckily several hundred kilometers below us. The bar shook quite a bit nevertheless, but the other customers didn’t seem to mind too much, so we didn’t either. When in Rome…

All in all I really enjoyed the day in Chiba with Masako and Nami. Just the right mixture of sightseeing and fun. We already have some more meetings planned 🙂

That’s the end for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment if you like or if there are questions!