One Week of Travelling – Niimi

The last stop on my way to my research prefecture Tottori was in Niimi, which was about half way from Hiroshima. I went there to visit my former language exchange partner and good friend Yoshino and her family. It was the time of the Hina Matsuri, the doll festival, and throughout the old street of the small town, the shops were decorated with small dolls. I hadn’t seen this festival in Japan before, as it’s usually more of an event within the family as far as I know, but in Niimi, they were even attracting some tourists with it – really interesting!

In addition to this, Yoshino’s mum really is a great cook and prepared extremely delicious Japanese dishes (I even started to like octopus) and the whole family was just very hospitable as always. I definitely hope I’ll be able to visit again some time 🙂

Yukata-matsuri – 浴衣祭り

You all remember, when I was going to Hiroshima City to buy a jinbei for the yukata festival at the Hiroshima University? Well, yesterday was the day of the festival and as promised, I’ll provide you with some infarmations and photos – even a video! 😉

Together with some good friends, I went to the festival in the afternoon, after we prepared ourselves and bought some drinks for the event (after all, it’s pretty expensive to buy stuff at festivals anywhere in the world). With our yukata and jinbei we were accordingly dressed and started to check out the place. It was really crowded and most of the people were really wearing the appropriate clothes – nice! The smell of japanese food lingered in the air (though mixed with international food, too 🙂 ) and it was a really cheerful atmosphere. Around the place, there were also various stands from different circles of the university, who wanted to present their work as well as 2 stages, where different acts were held during the day, for example a fashion show from students of the university. In the evening, there were the fireworks, which were done very nicely, albeit a bit short in my opinion. You can see the video below and it nearly shows the whole duration of the fireworks. Still, very very nice! 🙂

I definitely hope to have a chance to see more japanese festivals during the summer time and maybe even wear my jinbei again!

The fireworks (you have to tilt your head around 45° xD):

YouTube Preview Image