Tokyo Spotlight 2: Shopping oddities

Enjoy some nice shopping pictures from Tokyo – some odd, some freaky and even a tasty one!





A few hours in prison – with monsters! :D

I still haven’t blogged about my short trip to Osaka one and a half weeks earlier, so I’ll do it now, because I can’t have you un-knowing about this one. Mainly, I went there to visit my friends from Hamburg and to celebrate men’s day, but I’ll have to be silent about this event here, because it involves several light crimes against the the park order of the central park in Izumi… 😉

Instead, I present you my small trip to the prison. Not because of my violations of japanese law. Not even an actual prison. In fact, it’s much better than that! We went to the “Lock Up” in Osaka, which is a themed restaurant and is designed as some kind of a prison/science lab/ horror house – so a solid basis for a nice evening! 😀 At the entry, one of our group had to be the ‘bad boy’, who was then taken into custody by a hot japanese police officer, who led us to our table. The interiour was entirely designed to look like some kind of a medieval prison with chunky stones, wood-framed iron bars and and a certain touch of gruesome stuff – everything spiced with a measure of horror. On the menue we found a wide variety of food, including russian roulette-esque foods, where one of the pieces was filled with wasabi or worse spices. Of course we ordered those! ^^ The cocktails were all served in some chemistry equipment, to furter strenghten te laboratory image. As we all chose the all you can drink option, we were able to try nearly all of them. At around half past 9, they started a special monster show, where they dimmed all the lights, started to raise the music volume (and play some tapes with voices screaming how the monsters escaped and stuff 😀 ) and sent monsters into the restaurants, who seemed to have a lot of fun scaring the people and posing for photos – that was enormously enjoyable! On top of that, imagine a lot of japanese girls screaming because of that – priceless 😀 That was a very cool evening!


My mobile phone company loves me. Seriously. They love me so much that – despite of me running to their shop every week and annoying them with another question from a foreigner – they finally sent me my super-sugoi Otou-san bathrobe set. Now I should add, that Otou-san is the company’s mascot and comes as a cute looking white dog that seems to be so popular, that according to my mobile company clerk, the same set, which I got for free is usually sold for over 100€ on ebay (of course they’re impartial and wouldn’t lie about that, right?). So, with this amazing bathrobe set I actually got an Otou-san bathrobe, an Otou-san towel and an Otou-san bath mat, which will definitely upgrade my lifestyle significantly! 😮

And because of this super-sugoiness, you need to see them too! Disclaimer: do not look further down, if you’re afraid of hot guys wearing a little bit girly looking bath robes. It might harm you significantly and I hereby warned you 😉

4th of March: It’s pink!

Mr. Y asked for food pictures and luckily I made two with this pink food thing that I bought in the supermarket yesterday.

I’m not one hundred percent sure what it was. It tasted like some cake made of rice with some sweetener  in it. Quite tasty actually. I had hoped for a filling, but sadly there was none. Maybe I should read what I’m buying first 😀

10th Japanese Movie Festival Hamburg – Yoroi – Zombie Samurai


And in the end, what would a japanese movie festival be without a nice splatter-movie? Right – only half the fun! So the last movie I watched was Yoroi – Zombie Samurai, another movie with Sak Takaguchi, who may be known through the movie Versus. What can I say? They got Zombie Samurais, big guns, loose tongues, hilariously stupid dialogues, a pink-haired chick, a nearly totally unimportant backstory, a lot of action and a hell lot of 6m-high blood-fountains – of course the whole cinema was nearly loughing throughout the whole movie 😀 A really good personal ending point for my japanese movie festival experience \o/

YouTube Preview Image