Halloween at Hiroshima University

A happy, if a little bit belated, Halloween to everyone! On Monday I went to a small outdoor Halloween party on the university campus to celebrate the day and meet some new people. Yes, you hear me right: 31st of October and an outdoor party in the evening. I was as sceptical as you are when I heard that, even more considering the chilly evenings the week before, but decided to give it a try nonetheless. Now I didn’t really have a costume or gave it much thought beforehand, so I had to improvise and pull out my Otou-san bathrobe, which you might remember from an earlier post

Luckily I fit in perfectly, as Halloween parties don’t seem to have the same properties as I know them from back in Germany. So there weren’t many spooky costumes gooing around and everything was more designed to fit the image of cute or weird (but mostly cute 😉 ). Another guy dressed as the white dog mascot of a cell phone company was more than welcome for that reason and I can’t remember how often my costume was described as kawaii (cute) or even kakkoii (cool). maybe I should ask the company if they could reduce my mobile phone fee for the next month as appreciation of the free advertising I’ve done for them 😀

Even my weather concerns soon went out of the window, as it turned out to be quite a warm night. I guess it must still have been around 15°C, so not too cold at all. The only thing I have to complain about was the lack of music and dancing, but well, can’t have it all, right? I still enjoyed the evening and hope everyone had or is having a nice Halloween celebration! 🙂