11th Japan Filmfest Hamburg – The Diary (Day 2)

Welcome back again for the second part of my filmfestival diary. As I have told you, I watched the anime Summer Wars yesterday and it was really amazing. Out of the full-lenght anime movies, I’d definitetely put it in my personal Top5, up there with Princess Mononoke, Paprika and the like. A great story, fine drawing, funny jokes, cute charakters – this anime has it all, so I can really recommend it. I think i might buy this one for my DVD-collection 🙂

The second movie was A Knot, which I had to announce to the audience. As I hadn’t seen the movie before, it was a bit tricky to make a good announcement about the content, but I think I didn’t do too bad after all. It was a really calm and quiet Drama – typical japanese one might say 😉 I even found the trailer, so you might try to get an impression there: Link. I felt reminded to the movie Non-Ko from last years film festival – not because of the story, but the surroundings, arrangements and designs in the movie had some similarities. At least if you ask me.

Today I’ll be watching The Blood Of Rebirth in the evening, which should be an interesting mix between drama, mystic stuff and medieval setting – I’m curious 🙂 And after that, it’s time for the movie festival party within our funky decorated festival lounge \o/

This time I’ll bring you photos, as I’ve forgotten to make some yesterday :/

11th Japan Filmfest Hamburg – The Diary (Day 1)

Yesterday evening was the beginning of the 11th Japan Filmfest Hamburg, with the german opening night of the japanese blockbuster movie Tajomaru. It took place in our biggest festival cinema, the metropolis, which was nearly completely filled. The free sushi after the showing was gone in not much more than 10 minutes – and there was quite a lot of sushi in the beginning ^^

So for the time of the festival, I’ll write this diary, to keep everyone up to date and recommend some movies for the day. For today, I’ll be seeing Summer Wars at 20.00 and A Knot at 22.30, both will be shown in the Metropolis cinema. I hope to see some of you there 🙂

10th Japanese Movie Festival Hamburg – Yoroi – Zombie Samurai


And in the end, what would a japanese movie festival be without a nice splatter-movie? Right – only half the fun! So the last movie I watched was Yoroi – Zombie Samurai, another movie with Sak Takaguchi, who may be known through the movie Versus. What can I say? They got Zombie Samurais, big guns, loose tongues, hilariously stupid dialogues, a pink-haired chick, a nearly totally unimportant backstory, a lot of action and a hell lot of 6m-high blood-fountains – of course the whole cinema was nearly loughing throughout the whole movie 😀 A really good personal ending point for my japanese movie festival experience \o/

YouTube Preview Image

10th Japanese Movie Festival Hamburg – Der Rote Punkt


It’s Wednesday morning and I have no university today, so I decided to write about the last two movies, which I’ve seen on Sunday on the movie festival. The first one is Der Rote Punkt, a Japanese-German co-production which plays mainly in Bavaria. The japanese student Aki decides to go to Germany, to find out more about how her parents and her brother died there when she was still very young. Through coincidence, she meets the family Weber, where she stays for her search. But her presence opens a lot of conflicts within the family and opens old wounds, while a connection between Aki’s family and the Webers slowly becomes apparent.

The movie is a quiet and melancholic piece of work and is also definitely a good one, that I can recommend without hesitation. But on the other hand it has been pretty much hyped and won a good amount of awards also and personally, I don’t think it’s as good as it is sold to be. There are too many parts, where I (and my friends agreed on that) really only could guess where some reactions of the actors were coming from and often we were missing a logical connection between the scenes. I think 10-20 minutes more playtime with a focus on connecting scenes better would have helped a lot. It’s worth a watch nevertheless.

10th Japanese Movie Festival Hamburg – Non-Ko


The second movie on Saturday was Non-Ko, a movie that I already had written the desription in the festival-booklet  and also had to do the speech for. This time my speech went far better than the first time, even though we had 7 times the guest count than in memory Stealers. So I’m pretty happy with that. The movie is more or less a portrait about Nobuko, a 36-year old woman, who isn’t succesful in a job and has no family – so she breaks both expectations that the society has in a woman with her age. The consequences and her struggle are shown in really beautiful images underlined with a fitting soundtrack with many variations of the same theme. If you like calm movies, this one’s definitely for you!

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