After some bowling, I went to eat Sushi with some friends this evening and discovered an amazing piece of japanese engineering: the Sushi Shinkansen! It’s a small moving platform to transport Sushi to the table, where it was ordered and is designed to look like the famous japanese bullet train, the Shinkansen! Awesome – I was amused! 😀

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10th Japanese Movie Festival Hamburg – Yoroi – Zombie Samurai


And in the end, what would a japanese movie festival be without a nice splatter-movie? Right – only half the fun! So the last movie I watched was Yoroi – Zombie Samurai, another movie with Sak Takaguchi, who may be known through the movie Versus. What can I say? They got Zombie Samurais, big guns, loose tongues, hilariously stupid dialogues, a pink-haired chick, a nearly totally unimportant backstory, a lot of action and a hell lot of 6m-high blood-fountains – of course the whole cinema was nearly loughing throughout the whole movie 😀 A really good personal ending point for my japanese movie festival experience \o/

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10th Japanese Movie Festival Hamburg – Captain Tokyo


Ok – Saturday is already over, but I said I’d also post the other movies, so that’s what I’m doing 😮 The first movie on Saturday was Captain Tokyo, which was shown in the B-Movie cinema – which I’d call the biggest home-cinema in Hamburg, with about 40 seats at maximum. The movie itself was more difficult to put in so few words. In the year 20XX, Tokyo is destroyed and doesn’t belong to Japan anymore, so it became a a brooding leviathan of a ruined city – filled with a wide diversity of outcast people. The two friends Furuta and Nitta go there to see a rock concert and quickly get sucked into this world of crime and violence… while Furuta sides with the rebels, Nitta is forced to work for the self-proclaimed gouverneur and so they become rivals. While the idea of two friends working against each other isn’t exactly that new – it’s pretty cool done in this movie. The characters are extraordinarily  freaky, the story is well thought-out and the whole movie has an intense dynamic. Definitely more than I expected to get from it 🙂

10th Japanese Movie Festival Hamburg – Detroit Metal City


So today was the second day of the festival and I decided to go and watch Detroit Metal City with some friends from the university. Soichi came to Tokyo to became a famous musician. He succeded in that, but in a totally different way than he wanted it to happen. Instead of singing romantic love songs, he’s now playing in the death metal band Detroit Metal City, which is rising to fame with his musical talent. He tries to get out of this life which he doesn’t like at all, but is urged to come back, to challenge the retiring King of death metal: Jack (played by Gene Simmons!). So everything is setfor some musical action here, spiced up with a hell lot of laughter-guaranteeing humour. I’m pretty sure, that this was the funniest movie in the whole festival. at least according to the descriptions of the other movies. I guess Jack Black would like it too 😀