International Cooking Class

It’s already a bit late, but I still wanted to share a few pictures from the International Cooking Class in Higashi Hiroshima. It’s beeing held two times every month with different people from different countries introducing dishes from their homecountry to the participants. In December a friend and I took the chance to teach some German dishes, which were appropriate for the wintertime  and really had a blast with all these nice Japanese women, who were really eager to learn a lot about our cooking and Germany. So please follow the link below for some pictures and also contact me for the recipes if you’re interested 🙂

Photo Album


In Hiroshima autumn is at its most beautiful right now, so I attended a momiji-viewing event last weekend. The momiji is a tree, whose leaves turn into a bright red during autumn and are a characteristic part of this season in Japan. The event was organized by the Higashi Hiroshima Tsunagari Network, who did a very good job of bringing together international students and local residents of all ages for a really enjoyable day.

We had a lot of fun enjoying the beautiful scenery, communicating with everyone (and they were really curious about everything 😀 ), having lunch together and doing various small games as a big group. It was definitely a nice cultural exchange and I definitely want to go to their next event in January, if I can find the time! Just watch the pictures below and you’ll surely understand 🙂

More pictures can be found here: Link

By the way: we even made it into the local television news – I’ll post the video, if I can get my hands on it 😉

And then there was tea!

I just wanted to thank everyone, who has sent me tea during the last weeks. In fact, I got far more tea than expectet and have to drink about 2 bags a day to finish it all before I leave Japan (mathmatically speaking), which is about perfect for my tea consumption here. So thank you you all very very much, my family, Ruth, Jos and Katelynd and Birte! You’re the best 🙂

Halloween at Hiroshima University

A happy, if a little bit belated, Halloween to everyone! On Monday I went to a small outdoor Halloween party on the university campus to celebrate the day and meet some new people. Yes, you hear me right: 31st of October and an outdoor party in the evening. I was as sceptical as you are when I heard that, even more considering the chilly evenings the week before, but decided to give it a try nonetheless. Now I didn’t really have a costume or gave it much thought beforehand, so I had to improvise and pull out my Otou-san bathrobe, which you might remember from an earlier post

Luckily I fit in perfectly, as Halloween parties don’t seem to have the same properties as I know them from back in Germany. So there weren’t many spooky costumes gooing around and everything was more designed to fit the image of cute or weird (but mostly cute 😉 ). Another guy dressed as the white dog mascot of a cell phone company was more than welcome for that reason and I can’t remember how often my costume was described as kawaii (cute) or even kakkoii (cool). maybe I should ask the company if they could reduce my mobile phone fee for the next month as appreciation of the free advertising I’ve done for them 😀

Even my weather concerns soon went out of the window, as it turned out to be quite a warm night. I guess it must still have been around 15°C, so not too cold at all. The only thing I have to complain about was the lack of music and dancing, but well, can’t have it all, right? I still enjoyed the evening and hope everyone had or is having a nice Halloween celebration! 🙂