Iwakuni in late Autumn

At the beginning of December I happened to visit Iwakuni with a few international friends from the university, which I had wanted to do for some time but never actually managed to pull off so far. But it was nice weather and Autumn was starting to loose its colour, so it was a now or never deal for me.

Iwakuni itself is a city in the neighbouring prefecture of Yamaguchi in the West of Hiroshima. It’s easily accessible by local train, which only takes around 1 hour between the two cities and from the train station you can take a bus to the main sightseeing spots. The first among these is probably the Kintai Bridge, whose 5 arches span the breadth of the Nishiki river. After that, the reconstructed castle and the Kikko park, where you can find beautiful trees, flowers and remnants of the old samurai district. And if you’re especially lucky you might even stumble upon one of the white snakes of Iwakuni.

We  had a lot of fun and visited all those places, which I hope you’ll see in the uploaded pictures. Enjoy them and feel free to leave a comment 🙂