Traveling 2015 – Hiroshima (広島) | Miyajima (宮島)

As always when I come to Hiroshima prefecture, I try to include a trip to Miyajima, if possible. Being one of the three most beautiful natural landscapes of Japan, the island is featured on the front page of many guide books about Japan and draws large crowds of visitors every day. My personal relation with Miyajima started in 2010, when I was doing my first journey to Japan and went there together with a few Japanese friends. Since then, I’ve been enthralled by the island’s beauty and atmosphere.

The 'floating' torii (shrine gate) of Itsukushima shrine - one of the most famous photo motives in Japan.

The ‘floating’ torii (shrine gate) of the Itsukushima shrine – one of the most famous photo motives in Japan.

This time I was visiting Miyajima together with friends from Saijo and from Hamburg (who are now living in Hiroshima). We were walking through the small town along the coastline, which includes a really nice, if tourist-y, shopping street and spent our time to discover the shrines and temples on the island anew. Nothing much had changed since my last visit: the old places still looked the same and the deer were as bold as ever – just the way I like the place.

But Miyajima has a lot more to offer than the area around the famous Itsukushima shrine. The island is dominated by the shape Mt. Misen, who was also declared UNESCO world heritage together with its forests, just like the coastal area. However, most people don’t take their time to get up to the top and miss the stunning view over the islands of the Setō Inland Sea. We didn’t intend to make the same mistake and decided to spent the latter half of the day for this small endeavour.

With this hike done, it was time to return to Hiroshima city, where my night bus was waiting for me to take me back to Tokyo. It was a sad feeling to leave Hiroshima again after such a short time, but I know I’ll be back!

I hope you enjoyed reagind about my trip to Hiroshima. Leave a comment, if you have any questions. You can expect the next posts to deal with activities in and around Tokyo again 🙂

Farewell, Miyajima!

Farewell, Miyajima!