Summer Journeys – Ruth arriving and Nara (奈良)

The 18th of September brought with it a higly pleasant visitor, as Ruth was coming to visit me in Japan! She arrived very early at the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, so I had to get up even earlier in order to be able to take the bus and pick her up there. I was anxious and happy the whole way as we hadn’t seen each other for half a year (except for Skype) and also didn’t sleep too well the night before because of that. Waiting at the exit of her arrival gate also wasn’t much better ^^” But when she finally came out of the gate, it felt like we’ve never been parted for so long and holding her in my arms again made me really, really happy and filled with joy 🙂

But Ruth was still a bit sleepy from her flight, so the three of us (her, Jonas and me) spent most of the day relaxing at Yannik’s place, who was kind enough to leave it to us when he went on a short journey to Korea for a few days. The still really hot and humid climate did it’s part as well, I guess. Instead we went and had some fun with friends from the dormitory in the evening before starting our first jouney as a group of 3 in the next day, which would be visiting Nara.

Nara was the capital city of Japan from 710-784, also know as the Nara Period. During this period, the city became the political and cultural center of Japan, and increased its religious importance as well, of which the many shrines and temples of Nara are an impressive testament. When Nara lost its status as capital city, the political power began to wane, but the important religious role was carried on even until today. So much for a short glimpse on the history 😉

When we went there, we were accompanied by Yumiko, who had also studied in Hamburg for a year and was gonna be our guide for the day, so we also had to exchange news between us regarding what had happened in our lives since we last saw each other in Hamburg in early Spring. So the four of us had a really cheerful day in Nara, as you will be able to see in the following pictures in the gallery.

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