Walking around in Chiyoda, Tokyo

Nothing big today, just a few pictures from a midday walk around the National Diet Library in Tokyo’s Chiyoda area.

Why u so cold, Tokyo?

Well, well, well… this blog has been laying dormant for far too long. Luckily current events warrant a revival: I’m back in Japan for 5 weeks to conduct research for my final thesis and – noone would belive me if I said I wouldn’t do this – to travel some and meet old friends again that I haven’t seen in a long time. My first stop is Tokyo and while I had prepared myself for low temperatures, I was a quite a bit surprised when I arrived at Narita Airport and saw the amount of snow laying around. Minami-Kashiwa in snowApparently, Tokyo had seen its worst snow falls since 40 years last weekend and was just beeing hit by a second heavy snow fall when I arrived. In a few hours trains started to become delayed and even stopped in parts – which shocked my unquestioned belief in the impossibility to fail of the Japanese railway system. Though, they definitely managed a lot better than the Deutsche Bahn would’ve done and I arrived at my host family nearly without delay. So I can’t really complain, to be honest 😀 Tokyo in snow And today the snow already started to melt away again, so the city is going to be back to normal tomorrow anyway. I used the day to register myself at the National Diet Library and to go for some shopping in Akihabara. It’s as colourful and loud as I had remembered it – wonderful! These are going to be 5 awesome weeks! 😀