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The college life, it’s been incredibly interesting. School is going well, classes are incredibly easy so far and most of it is at least mildly interesting. Still have yet to find a job though, and not for lack of trying, which means money has been really tight. Can barely afford rent, utilities, and my insurance, let alone food. I’m racking up quite the debt with my grandparents, which is better than the bank but still pretty shitty. And my financial aid is still “pending”, even though classes started 2 months ago and they have had all the required information for at least 6. Starting to seem like the government doesn’t want to give me any moneyz. 🙁

On another note, I’ve just recently broken with my girl friend. It was hard for me, harder for her, but I feel like it was for the best. I’ve been able to smooth things over well enough that we are still great friends, but she decided to bring up something. She wants to remain “friends with benefits” and the male part of me wants that, but another part of me keeps nagging and saying, “No, that’s a fucked up idea that will only serve to complicate things.” Still not sure what to do with this one, and the last thing I want to do is hurt her even more. =\

But, on the positive side, I am happier than I have ever been. Life is complicated, I’m poor and can barely afford to eat, school is stressful, yet I am still enjoying life more than ever. Can’t wait to see what lays in the future. 🙂

Here I am, a year and a half later, posting an update. Life’s been busy. It’s been hectic, fun, interesting, call it what you want. But it’s been life. Just cruisin’ as the motto used to be.

I’ve just recently moved out of my parent’s house and into my new house, to start a new life in college. And I’m already poor, 2 weeks into it. :B College starts in 3 weeks and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be majoring in Engineering, but I have yet to decide which branch of Engineering. Thinking computer, unless I can find a great college that offers courses in Nuclear Engineering. Eh, I’ve got time to decide.

Enough about the present and future though, let’s try a little past. The day after I graduated from High School, one of my best friends and I embarked on a road trip. 3 Weeks, 4200 Miles, and a Nissan Versa. Good times. We drove from Southern Florida to our first stop, Washington D.C. Incredible place, one day wasn’t enough to see everything. We then made our way up to Up State New York. We camped out in the Adirondack Mountains for a week(a fucking week). Weather was great during the day, not so much at night. 20 Degree Weather in a tent is no fun. We had a great time though, lots of hiking, kayaking and anything else we could find to do. When we had enough of that, we drove to New York City. We got there around 5 PM and miraculously wound up at the Yankee Stadium(Complete accident). We parked and walked around for awhile until we were pulled into an abandoned alley and…. sold scalped Yankee tickets for the game that just happened to be starting as soon as we got there. Fucking amazing game, incredible stadium, and a great time. The next day, we drove into the heart of New York City. Mistake Number One. 5 Hours later, we were back on the highway. 8 Hours of driving later and Mistake Number Two. 80 MPH in a 55. $130 Ticket and 2 Points of my license later, we wind up in South Carolina. Interesting place, we went on some cave expedition, ate some great BBQ, and went White Water Rafting. Another great time. Unfortunately, that ticket made us cut the trip short. 16 Hours later, we are back in Florida almost home…

And here I am now, about a month later. Waiting for college to start, trying to find a needle in the world’s largest haystack(a job), and overall just trying to survive. Best summer I’ve ever had. Oh, and hopefully I’ll update this blog more. We’ll see. 😉

(Nabbed from CommSie) My Personal DNA Report

You are an Attentive Inventor.

That seems about right for me. I read through it, and all of them seem to describe my personality. Fun little quizzy.

On a side note, the post was meant to be my experiences with Vista, but I decided to hold off installing Vista(64bit) until SP1 is officially released. Easier that way.

Meh, I guess it was about time I signed up for a blog(no more forums ;_;). I guess this will be where I update you with my life story, or at least very small parts of it. Hopefully it gets updated a lot, most likely with game and/or ‘puter related stuff. I guess that’s it for now, until next time… O_O