X111 to the μ

Hi guys and gals, here’s the first entry on our new blogging system, WordPress MU.
It’s all brand new and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, and most of you are new to WordPress as well, so keep an eye on this section where I’ll post tips and tricks and keep you informed of news regarding the blogs.

Expect lots of themes and plugins to be added over the next couple of weeks as we settle in and make this a new and enjoyable environment for everyone to share their happenings and stories.

Oh, first tip; in case you don’t like the javascript editor (the bit where you write your entries), you can disable it by going to Users > Your profile and unchecking the ‘Use the visual rich editor when writing’ box. Click on update profile and you’ll have a nice and clean write interface.

Something else that’s new; you now have 10MB space to upload pictures you wish to use on your blog. Try clicking on the thumbnail you see in the upload block after you’ve uploaded a picture to set some options and easily add it to your entry with the ‘send to editor’ on the third line.

Second tip:
Go to Options > Discussion and make sure the second and third box are selected in the ‘Before a comment appears’ section. That will helps reduce spam and keep you informed of new comments while allowing comments from people who’ve commented before to get automagically approved.