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“I’ve been thinking of taking acting classes”, I say.

She asks why, and I reply; “Because I’m pretty damn good liar”. And it’s true, I think to myself, while standing on the wet balcony. It’s raining, not heavily, but slowly. Discretly. The kind of rain that makes you wet without you noticing. A empty box of cheap white wine lays discarded under a small table. Wet, slowly dissolving cigarette butts in an ashtray.

She gives me a number of scenes to act out, and I do them all. Angry, happy, sad, laughing. All of them. “Was it good? Should I do it?”



“Because you’re a damn good liar”. And while she says this, she looks sad.

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3 Comments to “Lies”

  1. CommS007 Says:

    So you can express all emotions easily and like cry on command, blush and etc. (o_o )

  2. pandroid Says:

    Well, kinda. But this is just something I wrote because I was bored, and because I wanted to write something. It may or may not be something that’s true.

  3. CommS007 Says:

    Aha (^OO)>

    The “she” might look sad cause of how her relation is to the “I”. Like everything could have been lies~! Or doesn’t want “I” to be an actor. Or is sad about promises earlier~ Or “she” just wanted a doughnut~