Mmmm for Mini

Ah crap, they did what I was hoping for, the new Mac Minis are out, one with a single Core at 1.5Ghz and a Core Duo at 1.67Ghz. Added Front Row, 2 more USB ports and I really can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t want one, money permitting ofcourse.
It’s the perfect desktop, and it’d make me a perfect mini webserver.

Still, you’d have to buy it stock, because adding any options whatsoever and the iMac soon becomes a much better deal.

Open the floodgates

The windows exodus hath begun.

Random bits

Today’s random bits which are of interest to me;

First up is one of the best examples of ajax put to good use, AjaxAMP. It’s a plugin for my favourite music player, Winamp. When activated you get a full winamp interface running in your browser, playlist, drag and drop and everything else included. It’s fun to play with and useful too. (we use it at work to listen to internet radio and not having to bother eachother every time to switch channel or change the volume whenever someone needs to make a call). Version 2.0 has just been released with several bugfixes and support for the media library.

Today’s fun with Apple link is someone who built his own mini server network using 3 Mini’s. It looks damn sjweet to say the least (although I think I’d hang them against the wall, mmm) but the way he set it up is also excellent.

New webservice of the day is cocomment. It’s flashy, it’s beta version, it’s invite only, so you know it’s Web 2.0 (le hype). But unlike the dozens of other new services each day this one actually makes sense, to me anyway. Seeing as I leave comments on quite a few sites and blogs all over the place it’s hard to keep track of everything, especially seeing as a lot of blogs don’t use a subscribe to comments feature so you at least get a mail when there’s a reply. And that’s exactly what cocomment adresses; keeping track of comments and conversations and letting you know when there have been updates.
Unfortunately I can’t make a comment (no pun intended) about the actual working of the service seeing as I don’t have an invite. Le sigh.

The last bit of news could be simply summarized as ‘drool‘.
Either that or ‘look out OsX, here we come’, in terms of fancy desktop graphics on the linux desktop anyway. Check out some of the videos at that link. Go Novell!

iPod insanity

In the category ‘what will they think of next?’ the 7891324th accessory for the iPod, fresh on the heels of Levi’s announcement that they’re going to make iPod ‘compatible’ jeans…. the TuneBuckle.
Sadly enough, I like it.

The Intel Macs have landed

Intel Core Duo The MacBook Pro is to replace the PowerBook and is apparently 4 times as fast with an Intel CoreDuo up to 1.83GHz, built in iSight, remote and Front Row looks very yummy.
Or if that’s not your cup of tea how about an Intel based iMac with a Core Duo processor up to 2.0Ghz. I’d go for the MacBook if I had the money, sounds like a very sweet deal.
Can’t wait to see the first benchmarks for these puppies.

It’s a bit of a bummer that they didn’t start with the budget line as people initially expected but with these claimed performance boosts it’s not much of a surprise, the budget models would have smoked the pro models.

Top 10 things Apple could announce at Macworld Expo

ยป Top 10 things Apple could announce at Macworld Expo

Personally I’m really hoping the first MacIntels will see the light of day, with either the Mini or the iBook being first in line to go the X86 route, but it _would_ be so soon. Still, guessing’s fun, let the rumours continue!

First Intel Macs on track for January?

After a week of rumours about Apple starting to launch the new Intel based systems as early as January now even Apple Insider jumps aboard the rumour train with more details. A new PowerBook with built in iSight? Mmm. Me likes.


The Guru: Steve Jobs

“Imagine the scenario: a billionaire walks into a mobile phone shop. The sales assistant says, ‘Can I help you?’ but gets the reply ‘Just looking, thank you.’ The man tries a few phones, lifting his glasses to look at the detail of the display. He presses a couple of buttons. He shakes his head…”

For some reason I always love reading stuff about his Steve-ness.
Reality distortion field or not, the guy is interesting. Whether you agree with the way Apple runs the show or not you have to admire Jobs for doing everything his way from start to finish.

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Hell has officially frozen over

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.