Installing AMP on Mountain Lion

Making iPhone/iPad apps

Some day I shall get round to this, this crash course in Objective-C for iOS6 is a nice starting point, and there’s more beginner guides linked at the bottom of the article.

Steve Jobs on computers, speech from 1983

This version includes the Q&A bit after the speech at the 1983 International Design Conference.
Still relevant to this day.
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WWDC 2012 Keynote

Hmm, it’s a mixed bag this year. There’s plenty of new awesomeness, just not for me.

MacBook Pro with Retina display
Bloody fast, bloody awesome, bloody brilliant screen and alas, bloody expensive.

I’m surprised to see the 3GS is still supported, but weird the iPad 1 isn’t seeing as it’s quite a bit faster than the 3GS. Siri is finally coming to the iPad (yay!), but only the new iPad, not the iPad2 (boo!).
Nice mail improvement to finally be able to insert video and photo in the mail as you type instead of having to compose a mail from the albums app.
Safari iCloud tabs so you can pick up where you left things on your Mac. And an offline reading list for reading on the go is a welcome addition for those of us with crappy carriers (hello t-mobile, I’m looking at you).
No new notifications, no new look, several new apps but none I care about too much at this point.

Mountain Lion
It’s coming next month, it’ll be available for only $19.99 and I’m shit out of luck as my iMac is too old (late 2006 model) to upgrade to it for some reason which I can’t quite understand. So no Airplay Mirroring for me. :/

Mac Pro
Even though it wasn’t in the keynote the Mac Pro line finally got updated with a nice speed boost and quite a price slash. Quite a price slash in Apple terms that is, still way out of my league.

Watch the keynote.

What’s in a name; the new iPad

You know journalism has hit rock bottom when there’s a whole slew of news posts around the web either complaining about the new iPad not being called the iPad 3 or iPad HD or saying the fact that it’s called the iPad and nothing else signals the end of Apple or the downfall at least.
Here’s a news flash you idiots; turn over your iPad 2, what’s it say?
That’s right, iPad. Not iPad 2.
Now look at your iPad 2 box, what’s it say? Why surprise, it says iPad, not iPad 2.
So basically nothing’s changed and Apple has for the third time released a model of the iPad which once again is simply called iPad and be referred to for conversation’s sake as the iPad 3.
Seriously, people…

VLC 2 vs. MPlayer OSX Extended

VLC 2 has been released for the Mac and it works wonderful. Up until now Mplayer OSX Extended was my preferred player considering as we still watch quite a bit of anime and the old VLC had a habit of choking on some of the more exotic formats used in the encoding of those. Plus Mplayer rendered the subtitles better.
Now it seems the other way around and I’m back on VLC.
I noticed the following oddity as well, in VLC the title is rendered perfectly but in Mplayer it’s cut off which I don’t quite understand as it’s animated and I assumed therefor hardcoded. Even weirder because the rest of the video renders the same in both players without cutoffs in either.

Mplayer OSX Extended


Rebuilding the iPhoto library

More of a note to self seeing as my iPhoto library is already close to 60GB and just keeps growing, if you ever get any glitches with your iPhoto library due to database corruption, thumbnails going wonky or what not; start iPhoto while keeping the Command & Option keys pressed launches the screen shown above with plenty of repair and recovery options.
A further explanation of all the options can be found here.

Mountain Lion sneak peek

Out of nowhere Apple has posted a sneak peek at the next version of their operating system, dubbed Mountain Lion.
For those who have been following the development over the years there aren’t any real surprises, it’s just a very well orchestrated part of the whole master plan. I love iCloud and this is very much bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together in a way only Apple can. iCloud isn’t some hard drive in the sky, it’s an invisible (mostly) and yet integral part of the whole Mac experience. So now the Mac gets Messages, Reminders, Notes & Game Center apps working just the way they do on your iPhone and iPad and syncing through the cloud. A notification center that looks yummy and means I can do away with Growl. AirPlay Mirroring for those of us with big screen tv’s to watch our movies and stuff on.
One announcement that made me chuckle is Gatekeeper. I didn’t see that one coming but it’s a stroke of genius. How to permanently shut up all the idiots who think any day now OSX will get hacked and flooded with viruses? Simple, give the OS a setting that only AppStore approved software can be installed and run, no matter where you downloaded it from. 1-0 for Apple.

So yeah, looking forward to it, no word yet on pricing but I’m guessing another $29.95 release. Or they could give it away for free being the new overlords of the world. Oh, and Mountain Lion is coming this summer. Keep blurring the line Apple.

Speaking of which, I so hope Apple would start their own cel network. They’d pwn.

Steve Jobs video overdose

Someone’s trying to make the ultimate collection of Steve Jobs videos on the web. So far so good.
And better to hear it straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth than read it in a biography that may or may not miss the mark.
Interesting video site btw, nice look and feel to it.

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Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.