How to avoid sounding dumb when you write about Apple


iPad wallpapers

Here’s a bunch of iPad wallpapers before Apple comes out with a new Retina model and makes me all depressed.

The iPad is a PC

Nice topic, the iPad isn’t just a PC, it’s the ultimate personal computer.
The fact that some people still argue that it’s not a pc boggles the mind, well my mind anyway. Of course it’s a personal computer. Hell so’s my iPhone. Can it replace my desktop computer? No, not yet anyway, and I doubt it will anytime soon. That doesn’t make it less of a pc though.

Apple’s new quarterly earnings in perspective

Very interesting read on TUAW about Apple’s earnings report, it puts the plain figures in a very interesting perspective.

During the last quarter, iPhone sales reportedly exceeded sales of all Android handsets, from all vendors, combined.
Apple earned almost $34 billion in revenue from iPhone and iPad sales — in three months. Google’s revenue for 2011 — all of Google, for the entire year — was $37 billion.

The iPad by itself, in one quarter, brought in more revenue than 230 out of the Fortune 500 companies earn in an entire year.

The iPhone by itself, in three months, brought in more revenue than McDonald’s made in all of 2010.

Meet Evi

Finally, competition for Siri. Meet Evi, available for iPhone (not just the 4S) and Android.
Read more…

Designed in the US, made in China

Very interesting NY Times article about exactly why Apple, and many others I’m sure, have their products made in China. Bit of an eye opener for everyone who thinks they’re ‘stealing’ jobs away.

“We shouldn’t be criticized for using Chinese workers,” a current Apple executive said. “The U.S. has stopped producing people with the skills we need.”

Custom message OsX login screen

Add a custom message to Your Mac OS X Login Screen to help people contact you if your Mac is lost. Useful if you have a portable Mac.

iBooks 1.5

A new version of iBooks has just been released.
From the release notes:

  • Nighttime reading theme makes reading books in the dark easier on the eyes.
  • Full-screen layout lets you focus on the words without distraction.
  • iBooks now features an improved selection of fonts, including Athelas, Charter, Iowan, and Seravek.
  • Beautiful new classic covers for public domain books.
  • A redesigned annotation palette makes it easier to choose a color for your highlighted text.

I so approve. As I tend to read a bit every night in total darkness I really appreciate the new night time mode. Although I still love the way the old Sepia theme looks as well.
And seeing as I grab only free iBooks for the iTunes store they now look a lot better on the library shelf.
Nice update.

Ping fail

Dear Apple, your Ping service would be slightly more useful if it actually knew any of my music, instead of accepting only ‘likes’ for the music you sell in your store.

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