Avengers GUI & HUD

Awesome post by the design lead for the Avengers movie’s GUI’s and HUD’s used.
Gotta love the attention to detail in all those stills.

The Art of Tron

Cool article by Josh Nimoy who worked on creating software for generating special effects in Tron: Legacy.

I take representing digital culture in film very seriously in lieu of having grown up in a world of very badly researched user interface greeble.

Nice read to see how much thought and attention to detail went into creating even the smallest effects.
I hope the sequel is coming along according to plan.

Fuck you. Pay me.

An educational video about the importance of, for example, contracts for graphic designers. Very recognizable examples in the beginning really help drive the point home.

2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from SanFrancisco/CreativeMornings on Vimeo.


Click on the piccy for the big version.

Here’s my entry for the superhero topic we’ve got going on the forum where you have to take a picture of yourself and use whatever image editor / drawing program to turn yourself into a superhero.
Picture and posing is me obviously, all the editing has been done by my wife who now officially beats the crap out of me when it comes to mad gfx skills.

Photoshop, as real as it gets

Usually ads these days are lame, but this one is gorgeous. Here’s the full set of how they made it.
Gotta love the irony though, with a tag line of ‘as real as it gets’ they still had to set it up with real life objects instead of drawing it in Photoshop itself.

Best of Photoshop tutorials

WordPress theme pondering

I’m currently switching back and forth between a lot of previous wordpress themes and new ones, trying to figure out what I want. My wishlist for content and bits of pieces I want to display on the front page is quite large, and I still haven’t found one that satisfies me 100%.
I want Hemingway blocks, widgets, latest posts from the forum, latest pics from the gallery, latest entries from the other blogs, the latest entry (a la from a couple of sites I always read, some site stats, albumcovers of stuff I’m listening to at any given moment (using data from, books I’m reading and other bits and pieces.

And of course, it has to look good. Easy on the eyes, minimalistic yet glossy, and the hardest part given the amount of stuff I want to shove onto the page; it shouldn’t look crowded. Which is extra tricky because a lot of you are still using low resolutions, 1024×768 or less. So to some degree the design has to be fluid or scale properly, seeing as I also want to make good use of screen estate for those of us with higher resolutions. Personally my screens use 1680×1050 and I’m sick and tired of all the layouts that are still fixed to 800×600. That’s half the screen empty.

Oh oh, AND I want to fiddle with loops to break up the monotony. Most themes still have columns going straight down, so there’s one column going down with all the blog entries, one or two columns with nothing but widgets… boring. So I’ll have to fiddle with the loop code to break it up a little, so for example you’ll get one blog entry, then a widget/block, then another entry. I think that’ll look nice.


Here‘s an interesting read about the importance of tagging. I still haven’t decided yet which route to take. Categories, technorati tags in the post, plugin for tags… there are so many choices. The plugins are nice because they make for some lovely eyecandy as well with tagclouds and ranks, but ofcourse that also means additional maintenance. Plus I’d love to find an article somewhere that shows the benefits in terms of how tagging a blog impacts search results/traffic. Seems like everyone’s just doing it for one reason or another without much in the way of hard facts to back it up.

24 ways to impress your friends

A new article each day, counting down to Christmas, with luvely webdesign stuff.
(He said adding to the evergrowing todo list)

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.