Rogues do it from behind

This post serves no purpose whatsoever but to celebrate the awesome fun of levelling a rogue in PvP. With heirlooms. :D
And to show off my Warsong Gulch achievements.

Twinking at 70, the story begins

What is twinking?
Twinking is disabling your xp at a certain level, in our case 70.

Why twink?
We started Warcraft fairly late, in the beginning of 2010. We levelled our Warlocks at our own pace, first in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, then around 60 hopping over to Outland. Not soon after we made our way to Northrend where we eventually hit the, at the time, big 80. So from the Burning Crusade we missed a lot, like whole regions we never even went to, raids and dungeons we never did. So now that we’re levelling our Paladins to what eventually be level 85, we’re taking a nice long breath to enjoy the scenery and explore this part of the game. A lot of people like to level level level, but the game is more than just end-game content. It’s the journey, not just the destination. Our break at level 70 could be quite a long one, seeing as we accidentally bumped into a starting twinking guild that wants to kick butt in pvp. Before we all twinked we ran as a group in Warsong Gulch together and that was a lot of fun. 10+ winning streak and all that. I know we’re probably going to get our ass kicked in the all twink bracket, but it’s a challenge.

So what’s it like?
As soon as I hit 70 I started with spending all my honor points on any and all Brutal gear. In my case Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Shoulders, Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Legguards, Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Helm, Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Gauntlets, Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Chestpiece, Brutal Gladiator’s Libram of Fortitude, Brutal Gladiator’s Shield Wall & finally Brutal Gladiator’s Slicer. Nice and dirt cheap, especially considering in the past you needed to do arena for this stuff. Now just do a few battlegrounds on your way to 70 and you’ll be able to get it right away.
From what I understood there’s a bug at the moment where one of the vendors is missing, so I still have a lot of items to upgrade, but we have to wait for the next patch for that.
Afterwards, after hopping over to Stormwind to disable my xp, we headed over to Shattrath to get the portal to Sun’s Reach Sanctum on the Isle of Quel’Danas to pick up the quest for the Magister’s Terrace. Once you complete the quest you unlock the Heroic version of the instance, which is good for epic drops. I haven’t gotten anything much other than the Cloak of Blade Turning but Iakona got lucky straight away and got the Vial of the Sunwell. I’m hoping the plans for the Adamantite chain drop for me.

New awesome Cenarion hub?

It must be awesome, the roadsign says so.
I don’t think this was ever meant to leave the beta version of Cataclysm. But it’s funny nonetheless.

World of Warcraft subsection?

Still have to do something with all the screenshots, gotta geek out with my WoW.
Or a photographic time line of our adventures in Azeroth.

I’m thinking of making a seperate Warcraft page here, still in the process of making a draft page. Items I’m thinking of putting on that page would be:

  • Server status
  • Character screenshots
  • Character description
  • Character achievements
  • Screenshots
  • Warcraft news from blogs

Zero Punctuation: Cataclysm review

Me thinks he likes Warcraft a bit more than he cares to admit. Quite a funny review.

Druids suck

We’re levelling a couple of alts, level 30 at the moment, but I just can not get used to the druid class. I’m a druid tank, Kate’s a druid healer, and neither of us particularly like it.
Druid tanking… lame. Yes I know it should get better on the way to what’s now level 85, but come on, at level 30 it should at least be fun already.
But the damage sucks, holding aggro sucks, the amount of moves per form are very limited (bear form = uberlame), cat form is moderately fun. The normal form (in my case Worgen) moves are extremely limited, hardly make a dps dent (Faerie Fire, wtf?) and the heals are epic fail. Regrowth is too weak at level 30 and Healing Touch takes forever to cast.
Maybe it’s because a set amount of spells are spread out over too many different forms, but this is not for me. Unfortunately I have to stick with it as this alt’s main purpose is so we have our own enchanter on the server. Unless I move my old main over… I have more fun with my warlock.

(p.s. note the new sweet mouseovers on the links, thanks Wowhead)
(p.p.s. as much as I dislike the druid class, I’m digging the worgen race, maybe more on that in another post)

World of Warcraft – Cataclysm

… women.
So, a few months ago my better half decided to stop playing WoW because she was annoyed with all the twats playing online, and because she felt she should quit to focus on her studies.
After that, as I was wondering about quitting myself to focus on more productive things, my credit card expired and I didn’t bother to update my account with the new card details. So after a bit of twitching we were both off the hook.
Much to my surprise, today out of the blue she suggested getting Cataclysm and starting on a new RP-only server to avoid the morons.
I think we all know where this is going…

Freemium games

how I hate thee.
Either something is free or it’s not.
Either a game is free, or it’s not. I can approve of ad-sponsored games being free as they offer us, the users, to either put up with the ads or buy the ad free version. But the gameplay is identical.

This new freemium model is a different beast altogether though. Basically you get the game for free, no ads, and it’s fully featured. But the catch is that if you really want to play the game to it’s fullest potential you need to spend money in game.
This started out on Facebook games. Say you play the game, you earn money to buy items in game, but it’s not going quite as fast as you like. Then you can spend real money to buy game money to level faster. So far so good, although we’re already sliding into muddy waters. The muddy waters start becoming black however when there are several kinds of in game currency.
There’s the kind of in-game currency you can earn, and then there’s the in game kind of currency you can only buy with real money.
And now we’re sliding further into pitch black territory when you get to the games where the best content can exclusively be bought with the latter kind of in game currency. In other words, if you want to be any good at the game you HAVE to spend real money to buy game money. And keep spending real money of course as the game progresses.

It was annoying enough to see this kind of business model creep into more and more Facebook games, but now it’s inevitably crossed over into the mobile market, with iPhone games starting to come out supporting the freemium model as well. Capcom is currently by far in the lead with the Smurfs and Lil’ Pirates, but more and more other game companies are starting to follow.

Oh, and if you’re a parent, keep an eye on what your kids are up to before you suddenly see a credit card charge for 80 euros for Smurf berries.

Game of Life for iPhone

Electronic Arts games are currently on a big sale, with most of them currently available for only €0.79, so I decided to pick several up, including the Game of Life.
If you’re totally clueless about the game, it’s basically a board game where you have to roll and land on spaces, some offer you money, progress your career, or life points because of certain events like getting kids or visiting places. Other spaces cost you money and set you back, like getting fired from your job, paying taxes or getting sued by other players. The winner of the game is the one who has the most money at the end. Capitalism at its finest.

I always loved playing this as a kid, so it seemed fun to be able to play it again, especially the multiplayer version. And it is fun, except for a few little quirks here and there that seem to haunt most EA games. When you play against the computer it keeps using long term investments, which means whenever someone rolls that number the player gets money. Nice, except as a human player you can’t seem to place any yourself.
Next there’s the cards you can use in-game to either make someone cough up half your fee or to make them give you half their profit, along with a third card to block the first two. In single player they work just fine, but in multiplayer if the active player uses a card, the computer automatically uses the non-active players cards for them instead of giving them the choice. That’s just sloppy.
Still, overall it’s a fun little game, but if I’d bought it full price I’d be annoyed. Of course an update could fix these bugs, but given how long this game has been out… don’t hold your breath.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.