iAmiga, an Amiga emulator for the iPhone

It was bound to happen sooner or later, an Amiga emulator based on UAE is heading to the iPhone, with licensed games included.
Check out the demo which features Defender of the Crown, Battle Squadron, International Karate +, R-Type, Speedball, Stunt Car Racer, Beast, Virus and Xenon 2 Megablast. Made by the same guy who’s made the C64 emulator for the iPhone, let’s hope this takes off and he gets lots of licensed games to add. I’ll have Speedball 2, Supercars 1 & 2 and Turrican 2 please!
And let’s hope the games will be somewhat reasonably priced.

Transformers MMO coming

Sweet, I just stumbled across this, looks like there’s a Transformers based MMO coming.
Please please please make it G1! I wonder how this would be gameplay wise. Big battles of course, but the other mechanics, build your own bot from an array of parts?

UFO: Alien Invasion

If you remember the old X-com games, like the awesome UFO: Enemy Unknown, you might want to check out UFO: Alien Invasion, which is a free Open Source remake/sequel to those games. I still have to try it out myself but it looks promising.

The original is available on Steam these days (as UFO defense, the American title), maybe I should take that for a spin as well for only 5 euros, I played the Amiga version a lot.

Play old Sierra adventures for free online

Play ye olde Sierra adventure game classics like King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest from the comforts of your web browser, hop on over to

Warcraft Cataclysm countdown 1

The big countdown has begun as the Warcraft servers just went down for 12 hours of maintenance for the big patch that’ll herald the start of the new Cataclysm changes.
And a lot of people got together to say bye bye around midnight.
I haven’t read up on how the talent trees are going to change but I’ll leave that as a surprise for tomorrow. Assuming all goes well.

Wasting time on Facebook

My car’s in for repairs, so as I wait for the news as to whether or not I’ll need to sell a kidney (any takers btw?) we’ve been adding some games on Facebook, FrontierVille and Super Fun Town in particular. They’re entertaining little wastes of time. Frontierville is a bit of a farm managing thingy wheres Super Fun Town aims to be more of a Sim City clone.
I must say, for flash games… not bad. They sure do make the hours fly by. The only downside is that you always have to wait for energy or money in order to continue, and you need to a lot of people as in-game neighbours in order to progress on the later levels.


I finally gave in, downloaded and installed Steam. So here’s me. As a content delivery system it’s not bad I suppose, but I might be spoiled by iTunes and the App Store. Compared to those the interface feels a bit clunky.
Unfortunately most of the cool free downloads are gone. Alien Swarm is nice-ish but plays in letterbox format on my laptop instead of fullscreen, which kinda blows.
But maybe I’m missing things, as the amount of games seems vast. Any pointers for fun free games and such?

Level 80

So yeah, yay, we hit level 80.
I’m still not 100% sure if that’s a good thing.
People say the game doesn’t properly start until level 80, but I’m not so sure about that. Part of the fun seems missing and if you thought people were assholes thusfar, just wait ’til 80.
Basically you have to start from scratch, all your gear is useless and you have to grind heroics for epic drops and to gather enough emblems to get gear to stop sucking.
Same goes for PvP, get ready to start from scratch again. Yay. Forget about going on raids because all the pugs (random pickup groups) demand you have good gear and achievements to prove you’ve done succesful raids. Catch 22.

Ah yeah, my glorious moment of hitting 80; we got our ass kicked in PvP by the Horde:

Oddly enough I still get most satisfaction from doing all the quests I haven’t done yet. Taking my time, breathing in the scenery and gaining moolah and mats to level my enchanting and tailoring professions along the way. Hooking up with the missus to nuke some bad guys or flying around discovering bits of the vast landscape we haven’t seen yet.

It just seems more fun than making it all about the best gear. Gearscore seems everything (a sort of overall score based on the gear you have equipped). Mine’s 4506 at the moment, so I’m getting there. But it’s getting boring.

Wrath of the Lich King

We’re finally starting on Wrath of the Lich King, albeit a tad handicapped at the moment. Our warlocks were level 69, so we started the Lich King 10 day trial while we waited for the full version to arrive by mail. Unfortunately Blizzard has levelcapped the trial, so we’ve been stuck at level 70 for a week now. At least it gives us time to do some farming, my enchanting is lagging immensely compared to my tailoring. It’s insane how much it costs to gain even one point in enchanting at this level.
Then again spellfire tailoring isn’t exactly cheap either, but the mats are a whole lot easier to gather.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.