Steam for Mac

A while back Valve announced that their Steam platform was coming to the Mac. No reason to get excited yet. Now however it seems that means they’re also bringing Left 4 dead to the Mac. And that’s a big yay seeing as I’ve been told that’s a pretty sweet game. Unfortunately I’ll only be able to play it on the iMac as they don’t support the intel 900 chipset, so my Mini is left in the cold.
Hmm, I wonder how much the games are going to cost.

Paladin for the win

After getting my Alliance warlock up to level 68 in World of Warcraft I slowly started to get an itch that needed scratching. Don’t get me wrong, warlocks are awesome, but gameplay wise they (and many others) can get a bit annoying.
Random dungeons with sucky tanks and healers either just sucking or throwing hissy fits, needing groups to get certain quests done, things like that started to bother me more and more. So I’ve started again, as a Horde paladin, and life is good. I can solo everything, heal myself, tank myself and beat the crap out of everything I encounter while enjoying lots of armor and fiddling around with magic still.
It’s good to be a paladin.

Street Fighter 4, on the iPhone?

The best fighting game series on the best phone ever, but how can this ever play well without a pad?
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World of Warcraft trial

Terribly late to the party with a game that was released in what, 2003? But here I am nonetheless, in 2010, trying World of Warcraft. And it’s fun. It’s probably more fun ’cause I’m playing it with Katelynd which makes things a little more social as I can’t really be arsed to talk to people in game.
The graphics are probably nice if only I could turn up the dial, playing it on my Mac Mini is plenty slow already with all the graphical options set to low. On the iMac is looks lovely though.

So… looks like we’ll be upgrading to full accounts this weekend.

(btw, am I the only one who finds great humor in the fact that when you’re dead and you have to walk back to your physical body as a ghost you still have to jump over obstacles like fences instead of being able to walk straight through them?)

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X logo
Miracles do happen. After years and years I’m finally playing a Final Fantasy game. It’s surprisingly fun to play it together, despite everything being quite linear. I don’t think I would call it an RPG so much as an adventure game, but it’s good fun either way.
Who knows, I might become an FF fan after all. ;)

Facebook Superheroes

Superheroes, a little mini game on Facebook, has been amusing me lately. You start a character, get a random power, and then you can start training for XP and battle other people for more powers. The more you use a power the stronger it gets, and you can even team up with other people to form an alliance.
All in all good fun, so I even started our own little alliance.
So add me on Facebook and we can play!

Soul Calibur IV trailer

Soul Calibur IV
There’s a new trailer, and it’s looking gorgeous. I must say I find the whole Star Wars stuff very intrusive now they even have levels from the SW universe. It’s Soul Calibur, not Masters of Teräs Käsi crap.

Best review ever

It made me laugh anyway, out loud even!
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Darth & Yoda join Soul Calibur IV

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.