Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV Ryu screenshot
Gorgeous drawing, right?
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Game wallpapers

Final Fantasy XIIISilent Hill 5 - Siam

Anime wallpapers seem to be less popular these days, or we’ve disappeared into a Google black hole, so we’re trying something new with Humane leading the way with wallpapers for the upcoming games Silent Hill 5 & Final Fantasy XIII. Especially the last one took quite a bit of work seeing as there’s not a lot of graphics of the game out there yet.
If you like them leave a comment in the gallery.

Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense
So while I’m away and in no way able or interested to post this week; here’s a scheduled entry which’ll pop up mid week to keep you happy and interested. Play some Desktop Tower Defense, a free and amazingly addictive little online game. No registration crap, no popups, just pure fun.
I hope you like it, see you when I get back.

World of WarCraft

World of WarCraft Trial Version
I guess it was inevitable… some day, for some reason, I wouldn’t be able to escape it any longer. This day has come.
Seeing as at work we always make fun of our interns for playing World of WarCraft (it’s all about levelling, there’s no story, that’s no real rpg) one of them (Mr. Teapot on the forum) decided to be a smartass and gave us 14 day trial versions as a parting gift at the end of his internship. So next week or the one after that I’ll have to install it and give it a try.
But I will not give in to the dark side.

Settlers II – 10th Anniversary edition

Settlers II - 10th Anniversary edition
10 years ago I installed this game on my amiga, started playing and subsequently blew a couple of tests in school.
Today I installed the remake and before I knew it it’s 1:15am and I better dive into bed. Same addictive gameplay, updated graphics. Very updated because I had to play it with all the yummyness turned to ultra low to even be able to get a playable framerate. Can’t really blame that on the game, my FX5600 is rather old.
But still, damn what a fun game after all this time. Hehe, and frustrating as always when I ran out of workers because I was lacking tools, which weren’t made fast enough because I was lacking coal, which wasn’t mined fast enough due to a lack of food, which in turn again was due to a lack of tools. Mmmm, management.
The classics stand the test of time perfectly well, and if ever there was a game that was proof of that it’s Settlers II (and Street Fighter II of course ;).

Happy (late) Monkey Island music day

Secret of Monkey Island
Joystiq declared last friday Monkey Island music day, and who am I to argue with them…
so clicky clicky to check out the youtube videos on their site or go to the SCUMM bar for mp3’s, midis and other Monkey Island goodies.
Arrrrr, them was the good times matey.

(note to self: check newsfeeds more often)
(note 2: time to play this again)

C64 nostalgia

Blue Max
Ah, memories, I can remember that screen from when it was the hottest game around on the, at the time, oh so expensive Commodore 64. Check out the site and play some of the oldies straight away in your browser thanks to the miracles of Java.
Time to figure out how to remap my IOGear’s KVM Ctrl key command to something else so I can hit Ctrl repeatedly.

Babylon 5 MMO on the way?

“Babylon 5 creator and all-round genius J. Michael Straczynski has hinted that a massively-multiplayer online game based on the incomparably superb sci-fi series could be in the pipeline.”

Now if there’s one setting that could get me to finally give the whole MMO(RPG) thing a serious try it would be B5. Potentially interesting to say the least.

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Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.