Musical interlude, Bach’s Chaconne

Snow Patrol – Set the fire to the third bar

Indila – Dernière Danse

Beautiful and gutwrenchingly sad.

InFiné by Jean Michel Jarre

InFiné by JMJ

12 InFiné tracks from various artists, selected and arranged by the man himself and fully streamable here.

Kavinsky – Protovision


The new Kavinsky track Protovision. I’m glad he’s using Vimeo now as well. Nice track as always of course.
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Kavinsky – Roadgame

Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel

A good day for a good song.

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Having kids changes ones musical taste. The music we are forced to listen to most these days is K3.
I have to admit it’s catchy. One can even enjoy it. But after 10 times of ‘Handjes draaien’ in succession you really want to hear something else… ;)

K3 – Handjes draaien

K3 – Alle kleuren

Jean Michel Jarre – 101010

Jean Michel Jarre has been dropping teasers both on his official site and on his blog, after the third one it now looks like he’s going to be broadcasting a concert live on the interwebs this Sunday, 10-10-10.
Seeing as this is Jarre we’re talking about it’s undoubtedly going to be awesome, and I’m wondering seeing as he mentions connected if he’s somehow going to merge the web into his concert.

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