Focal length matters

focal length matters

In case you’re wondering why you or the people you’re trying to take a picture of look distorted, that’s why. Focal length. Easy to adjust if you’re using a dslr camera, good luck if you’re using a phone as those tend to have a pretty low focal length.

Make your own planet

Island wallpaper

It’s always nice to come across a tutorial that actually works, I lost track of how many times I followed a tut and the jump from penultimate to final stage was huge and unexplained.
This one however turns out just fine.

Mac photo apps

Here’s a question for the Mac users out there.
I’m taking an average of about 4-500 photos a week and now I’m leaving the last remainder of Windows behind and switching over to the Mac for my last computer I’m on the lookout for a good way to organize my photos and for any good applications to edit them. So iPhoto, Aperture, Gimp, Photoshop, what do you use?

Tilt-shift maker

Tilt-shift example
Tilt-shifting is a nice little ‘technique’ that makes an ordinary photo look like it was a photo taken of a miniature.
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LIFE photo archive

Thanks to Google 10 million photos of the LIFE photo archive are now viewable online. It’s easily searchable and the pics date back to the 1750s.
Too bad about the watermark on the full size versions.

Paris Exposition of 1900

Hundreds of pictures taken by the Brooklyn Museum’s first curator of fine arts on his trip to Paris in 1900. Great treasure trove.

Japanese highway interchange

Here is a gorgeous set of photos by Ken Ohyama of lots of Japanese highway interchanges. Bizarre architecture, fabulous lighting, I love it. Be sure to check out the links under the pics, they link to the respective google map location in satellite mode.

Balcony view


If you like seeing beautiful and unique photographs from all over the world, check out Pixdaus, it’s an online gallery with the most amazing photographs.
The quality of work on display is simply stunning, good for some ideas if you’re into either photoshopping or photography.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.