University notes

My wife studies at university.
This is what her philosophy notes look like.

Downhill or uphill

It doesn’t make sense when people say ‘things go downhill’ because they mean things get worse. Shouldn’t that be uphill though, as in an uphill struggle?
Please observe the above picture for easy reference.
Now, discuss!

(kindly note, the author of this masterpiece might be slightly affected due to a flu fever at the time of posting this)

Applying Descartes to the modern world

Today my wife used DescartesDiscourse on the method‘s building metaphor to explain to her philosophy teacher why Microsoft sucks and Apple rocks.
Intellectual geekyness at its finest. I’m proud.

Epic fail

The time between him saying “I’m no noob” and then dying was about 2 seconds.

Administrator mailbox whoops

The sysadmin at work suddenly remembered he had an admin mailbox. Obviously he hadn’t checked it in quite a while. And everyone who’s ever had the poor luck to have to use Outlook (and Exchange) knows what a superfast program it is and how well it handles large mailfolders. Or how well it handles deleting email in bulk.
Yeah… that took a few hours.

A drumroll for 2010

Best wishes and all that good stuff.
Here’s to a better year.
Now come on lottery, make us rich!

Exploding cola bottle

Exploding cola bottle
Useless fact of the day; if, like me, you slash open the plastic wrapper on a sixpack of cola bottles with a knife; be careful where you slash.
This time I accidentally hit one of the bottles and the result was quite literally an explosion. A loud bang and cola flying everywhere.

How to make onigiri (Japanese rice balls)


Very simple, very yummy.
Depending on where you live it can be tricky to get some of the ingredients. Luckily I was able to find nori and sushi rice as people seem to like sushi over here in the Netherlands, unfortunately they’re comparatively pricey at the average grocery store, with the nori costing up to 4.5 euros for 4 small sheets. Some of the stuff listed in the other videos I know are going to be impossible to source here.
The only thing I didn’t get from the cooking video is exactly how the hell they can roll balls out of hot rice with their bare hands. They must have fire proof hands (or wait for it to get cold, but it doesn’t seem that way in the video):
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Eagle Chilly Sauce

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.