A rant on lightning connectors

Good rant is good. Might I also add that everyone who feels the need to add ‘gate’ to anything, like Antennagate, Mapgate and so on, should be dragged out into the street and stoned. Thank you.

Super Ultra Mega Hyper Mach 15 Pro Razor

I hate buying razor blades. I always end up looking at a wall of different types not knowing which one I’ve got, even though there’s only 2 serious brands. But these brands have determined that the best way to make money is to come out with a new model razor every three months or so, and of course the new model doesn’t take any of the older model’s blades. It’s retarded. Almost as retarded as the names. Mach 5, what does that mean, it’ll peel my face off at the speed of light? Ultra, does that leave me with glowing stubble? Fusion, will it fuse the razor with my skin? And why do they always have to use the biggest sport douchebags they could find to advertise them?
I can’t be the only one who hates this crap. A company like Apple should make a razor, for fun and profit.
One model, one type of blade, it just works. They could make millions. The iRazor.

Movie critics

Movie critics ought to be drug out into the street, and shot in public. In the face.
I mean, what’s their point? Do we really need ‘professional journalists’ to tell us if a movie is worth seeing? Don’t we have an opinion and a way to voice it these days?
So people get paid to review movies. Sounds like a sweet cushy job to me. And yet somehow it isn’t, given some of the bitter, unbalanced or even downright stupid remarks some of these critics make.
It’s one of the reasons I loathe Rotten Tomatoes with a passion.

Let’s take the Tron Legacy review as an example. It got a rating of 50%, which is pretty bad by itself. But some of the comments by the ‘Top Critics’… /facepalm.

Yes, because a guy looking for his long lost dad doesn’t add a human touch. Because a dad, sacrificing himself for his son doesn’t add a human touch. Because people fighting for what they think is right doesn’t add a human touch.

The same thing I said above could be said here, but in addition he also manages to diss the original Tron while he’s at it, a cult classics among geeks. And no people, only liking Big Bang Theory does not make you a geek.

This one, working for USA Today, really takes the cake and was my main reason for writing this post. I cannot recall someone talking so much crap in so few words.
The movie “The Social Network” is a soap series rendition on the starting days of Facebook, loosely based on the story of a disgruntled person who felt screwed over by founder Mark Zuckerberg. It’s fake, it’s lame and the only reason people watched it is because anything associated with Facebook is big at the moment.
It’s not thought provoking in any way, nor does it teach us anything about the virtual realm. It’s gossip celebrity news in movie form.
Tron on the other hand is about the real virtual realm, advances in computer science, artificial intelligence manifesting itself and the possible ramifications that spring from that. It’s Science Fiction as it should be, thought provoking, intelligent and exploring the possible future.

Humanity, I pity thee. And to think these people actually make money writing this kind of crap.

Sexist much?

TV commercials these days fascinate me. Partially because I hardly watch any tv and partially because it shows a glimpse of modern society I feel quite detached from.
I have noticed a trend that made me go ‘huh?’ and that’s the portrayal of women.
There’s more and more commercials celebrating women in control, being independent and able to stand up for themselves. All very good and about bloody time I’d say. But why do they then have to depict women portraying behavior to illustrate those points which, if a man were to do the same, would be considered obnoxious, sexist and most certainly not funny?

It doesn’t make any sense to me, but then again that goes for a lot that goes on in the world today.

The big black hole

of the world wide web. Or anime pictures and the degradation of teh interwebs. Where have all the pictures gone?

The first time I got online was around 1995 or so, and it was marvelous. I felt like a whole new world literally opened up before my eyes. Anything you can imagine, you could look it up in a search engine and voila, there it was. I think it’s hard to imagine for people who grew up with this but at the time this was revolutionary. Interested in Star Wars trivia, there it was. News about technology, computers, games, all for free online whereas previously the only way to get this kind of stuff was buying magazines.
And for those of us interested in more exotic things, say Japanese anime or even cooking recipes or Japanese culture in general, it made mission impossible suddenly possible and anything you wanted to know, learn or see was a few clicks away.
I remember looking up info on one of my childhood favorites, Captain Future, and being amazed by fan sites full of info and pictures.

But where has it all gone? Popular myth is that once something gets posted on the internet it stay online forever. I beg to differ. A LOT has disappeared. And a lot more will. Back in the day it was popular to build fan sites on free sites like Geocities, but all of those have vanished over time, the sites along with it. Or they got taken over by biggies like Yahoo & Google and the old content got deleted after a period of inactivity.
And the people who made that back then have since moved on. Well most of them, some like me are still around. The problem is that since then the act of creating sites has somewhat gone down the shitter. Hardly anyone makes a fan site anymore for example, like on their favourite anime. So good luck finding anything on an 80’s or 90’s anime. Sure there’s still some stuff floating around, but it pales in comparison to what used to be available.
And that’s sad.

Although I’m focused on anime pictures I could have just as well said , if you remember the 90’s internet and everything you could find then just go ahead and try and look it up now.
Oh, and video is next:
Is Google taking the ‘you’ out of YouTube?
(hat tip)

Cigarette prices

So cigarette prices have gone up again. They’re sneaky about it though. The price for a pack of Drum used to be 5.50. Now it’s…. 5.50, except instead of 50 gram you only get 42.5 grams. You can still buy 50g if you insist, that’ll be 6.65 please, which is quite an insane price rise.
It reminded me of the beginning of the Fifth Element, where Bruce gets his daily alloted cigarette which is 75% filter and pretty much useless.
Ah, the future, it’s coming fast.

Copyright nuts

Gotta love people that start screaming that their copyright is violated whenever they dump something on the web. Welcome to the internet buddy.

Some people need to think about what they’re doing instead of immediately crying wolf.
Here’s a nice example;
Just because it’s in my RSS feed, doesn’t mean you get to steal it.
Awesome title. Also incorrect. RSS stands for Really Simple SYNDICATION. Meaning you offer your articles for people to subscribe to, to either read them in their browser live bookmarks, their online newsreader, their offline newsreader, or to aggregate news and publish it in their own channel.
Yes this means people also build sites that offer no original content but just syndicate everything from rss feeds and slap a few ads on the side, but that’s your problem, not theirs. Fix your feed, problem solved. There are excerpts for a reason…

I would have commented on their site, except it requires registration, which I loathe.

Freemium games

how I hate thee.
Either something is free or it’s not.
Either a game is free, or it’s not. I can approve of ad-sponsored games being free as they offer us, the users, to either put up with the ads or buy the ad free version. But the gameplay is identical.

This new freemium model is a different beast altogether though. Basically you get the game for free, no ads, and it’s fully featured. But the catch is that if you really want to play the game to it’s fullest potential you need to spend money in game.
This started out on Facebook games. Say you play the game, you earn money to buy items in game, but it’s not going quite as fast as you like. Then you can spend real money to buy game money to level faster. So far so good, although we’re already sliding into muddy waters. The muddy waters start becoming black however when there are several kinds of in game currency.
There’s the kind of in-game currency you can earn, and then there’s the in game kind of currency you can only buy with real money.
And now we’re sliding further into pitch black territory when you get to the games where the best content can exclusively be bought with the latter kind of in game currency. In other words, if you want to be any good at the game you HAVE to spend real money to buy game money. And keep spending real money of course as the game progresses.

It was annoying enough to see this kind of business model creep into more and more Facebook games, but now it’s inevitably crossed over into the mobile market, with iPhone games starting to come out supporting the freemium model as well. Capcom is currently by far in the lead with the Smurfs and Lil’ Pirates, but more and more other game companies are starting to follow.

Oh, and if you’re a parent, keep an eye on what your kids are up to before you suddenly see a credit card charge for 80 euros for Smurf berries.

No comment

I hate having to sign up to a service to leave a comment on YOUR site. It’s supposed to be easy and quick.
I like name, email, and URL. That way I can fill in what I want. Don’t force your systems and disregard of privacy down our throats or people will simply stop commenting. Some might not care, nice, so make it optional. But if it’s the only way people can comment, some will simply stop to do so.

Like me, because I can’t be arsed to sign up to yet another third party service, Livefyre in this case. And because when I leave a comment I want it to link back to MY site, not to facebook or twitter, they already rule the internet enough, thank you very much.

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