And another year of

I renewed this domain name again, which means another year has passed since 2001.
To be honest I’m not even sure why I renewed it other than habit at this point.
You know how you always have one of those things in the back of your head… “One day I’m going to do this or that with this and it’ll be awesome”.
Well this is mine and at this point I’m fairly certain it’ll never happen, but I’ll keep holding on to the name anyway.

Sometimes they come back


Well, it’s the year where according to Back to the Future we’re supposed to have flying cars, hover boards and automagic shoelaces, crazier things can happen.
So the forum is back. Let’s see what happens.

I gots ads yo

Pigs are flying, it’s raining frogs, I’ve signed up to an affiliate program.
From now on you can see some banners around the site advertising Jbox/J-list, a shop specializing in Japanese quirkiness.
Why this one and not others? Because they sell stuff like this, this and this. Which is all awesome. So if it’s good enough that I want to buy it it’s good enough to advertise for it. And if you go there and buy something I get a little store credit so I can buy something there too.
So check it out. :D

Back from the dead

mountain lion server

The server is dead, long live the server. Well my trusty old Mac Mini decided to retire to the great beyond and kicked the bucket after 7 years. May it rust in peace. Unfortunately this meant my websites were down, as was my mail. The latter being slightly more important at the moment as I’m still looking for a job. Back in the previous decade I decided against getting the official OsX server software because back then it cost quite a lot (for home users anyway, dirt cheap compared to windows licensing) at $500 for 10 users and $1000 for unlimited users. Fast forward to 2013 and now it’s only $20 for unlimited users for Mountain Lion Server, so I decided to give it a try on my iMac to at least get a working mail server up. Which I did. Neat, and for less money than I’d previously paid for MailServe. Spamassassin, ClamAV, RBL, the works. Still some todo’s in that area, like setting up training for Spamassassin, but nice overall.
So I figured why stop there, let’s see what this puppy can do. Activated the web server, downloaded and installed MySQL which is not included, tweaked PHP a bit (apc is missing from the standard php setup, something I love to boost performance. I had to compile that from source to add it, I should make a follow up post for that) and here we are; back online and faster than before.
I’m sure there’s still a lot b0rked around the site, but so far so good.
Emphasis on the temporary solution as I still need a dedicated server for the lot but at least it’s all running for now.

WordPress attachment spam

One year later and I still have to manually edit a core WordPress file after every release because they STILL haven’t patched it themselves, meaning that even if you set comments to closed after a certain period, all the attachment pages under the post still get hit by spam comments.
Come on WP…

How to Implement Smart App Banners on a website

How to Implement Smart App Banners on a website. Could be nice for reviews of iOS apps, you get a nice download link for the app on your page.

11 years and counting

As of today this little site has been up and running for 11 years.
It’s rumored that some day it might actually have a clear goal and content instead of being all over the place. With regular updates too! Yep, some day.

Whoops x3

1. Whoops, a whole month gone by without any posts. My bad. Not that it matters because,
2. Whoops, the site was down for pretty much the entire past week without me or anyone else noticing. It was due to a corrupt db as this server is getting older and older and crashes more often. Upon fixing it I was greeted with the above screen…
3. Whoops, nearly 15000 spam comments in just a week or two?! To put it into context, Akismet has stopped about 114000 spam comments in the past 6 or so years that I’ve been using it. So 15000 is absurd much.

Top posts and searches of 2011

Like last year, here’s an overview of what was popular on this site in the past year, or more specifically in the last 365 days as of today.
Both lists are based on data from the WordPress Stats plugin, which means a lot of content that wasn’t imported/embedded to WP yet isn’t included, this includes the member blogs, the gallery, FFMO and the still popular avatar creators.
The top 20 search terms is unedited, the top 20 posts and pages has been edited to include only 1 of the wallpapers, the most popular one, otherwise the entire list would have been 90% wallpapers.
I also noticed more and more the discrepancy in how hits are recorded, as I see quite different figures looking at the data recorded by WordPress Stats, Mint & Analytics. So all hits should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s only interesting because it does give an indication of what’s popular and what’s not. More info on this further down.

Top 20 search terms:

  1. soul calibur (1,454)
  2. x111 (693)
  3. soul calibur 4 (635)
  4. pixdaus (587)
  5. scrapbook (493)
  6. tron legacy (371)
  7. concrete (260)
  8. soul calibur wallpaper (248)
  9. quorra tron (229)
  10. gatchaman (223)
  11. soul calibur iv (211)
  12. tron (207)
  13. battle of the planets (197)
  14. rosario vampire (184)
  15. tron legacy wallpaper (181)
  16. yumeria (151)
  17. soul calibur women (149)
  18. encrypted_search_terms (144)
  19. soul calibur 4 wallpaper (139)
  20. bomberman (134)

No real surprises here, with the exception of Tron I think it pretty much shows the same thing as last year. It’s funny to see some recurring words as they link to posts that are more of the ‘hey, check this out’ one liner kind.

Top 20 posts & pages:

  1. Soul Calibur IV women (4,368)
  2. Pixdaus (1,370)
  3. Tron: Legacy (953)
  4. wallpaper generator (419)
  5. Witch Hunter ROBIN Original Sound Scores (388)
  6. Bomberman Land Touch! (373)
  7. Photos (345)
  8. Yumeria (315)
  9. Anime (304)
  10. Dragon Wars (261)
  11. Nintendogs – Dalmatian & Friends (254)
  12. Top 50 atheism quotes (220)
  13. The Legend of Zelda – Phantom Hourglass (179)
  14. Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (176)
  15. Inuyasha Wind -Symphonic Theme Collection- (167)
  16. World of Warcraft – Cataclysm (159)
  17. Hilarious Muppet Show bloopers? (153)
  18. Cigarette prices (149)
  19. Fighting Spirit (Hajime no Ippo) (148)
  20. Line attenuation and SNR (146)

Several interesting things to note here. I left out all wallpapers but the Soul Calibur one as that’s the most popular one this year, although the Apple wallpaper dump is catching up quickly. It’s interesting to see what gets indexed in the search engine and how.
For example the post containing the Soul Calibur wallpaper only has 301 hits at the time of writing this, but the attachment page in that post is already up to 8837 hits. This why I have, for the moment, constructed the wallpaper page to only link to the attachment links until I can come up with a different solution and see how this plays out.

Remember at the start of this post me saying how different stat tracker have different hits? The Tron Legacy post is a nice example of this. According to the Stats it’s been viewed 953 times, but click on the post and it says (again at the time of writing this) that it’s been viewed 1944 times. Both are set to not track my hits or bots, so I am clueless why there’s such a big difference.

Finally, if anything, this list proves once again that no matter what you do, you have no idea what ends up being popular. Some posts that I spend a lot of time researching and writing are not even on the radar. And some posts that were of the ‘hey, click on this link it’s cool’ variation that took about a minute of my time years ago just keep coming back year after year as the most popular posts.
So you never know, might as well just have fun and roll the dice.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.