Shin – layout 2

Finally, thanks to the wayback machine, one of the missing pieces: layout 2.
This one was made with Corvo and was up at the start of 2002.

and so…

I typed this huge entry a couple of days ago, and reading it after I finished decided it was a bit too private.
So if you saw it on the forum in the list of recent blogentries and wondered why it didn’t show up when clicking on it, that’s why, I saved it as a private entry.
Currently I’m working on finishing up some bits and pieces around the site I never took the time to finish and which would piss me off knowing that I hadn’t finished them (which would include fixing that private entry showing up, my personal blogskin and other stuff, as well as some tweaks which will make managing the site easier…).

Currently listening to:
Frank Boeijen – Waar kom jij vandaan? – layout 4

Seeing as 3 was totally minimalistic 4 ‘ofcourse’ had to be the total opposite.
It looks purty but slicing was a nightmare. That plus the fact that it’s too big KB wise means it’ll soon (at the time of writing this) be replaced. – layout 3

a.k.a. the minimalistic one. After changing layouts rather rapidly prior to this one I got tired of it and just scratched 95% keeping only a simple and barely visible background.
This one was used for the better part of 2002. – layout 1

First layout I had here on the site, dating july 2001.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.