Johnny – Big in Japan

If you’re interested in Japanese food and culture I’d suggest hopping over to Johnny’s blog, he’s studying over yonder in Hiroshima for the next year and is keeping an online journal with lots of pictures and posts about his life in Japan.


10 years,
1000 posts,
649 images,
38 queries,
page generated in 1.118 seconds.
Time flies.

Web complexity

I’m sitting here trying to figure out why my code, that worked fine on a standalone page, borks when I try to embed it on a WordPress page. In particular strip_slashes doesn’t seem to want to work anymore. So is it a problem with my code, with WordPress, with the Exec-PHP plugin or any of the other plugins? While wading through all this code, including a premium WP theme with buckets of Javascript, I can’t help but think we’ve come a long way in the past decade when back then all you needed was some rudimentary html knowledge to get your site up and running in minutes and say hi to the world.

Time Machine saves the day

Again. In case you were wondering why the site was down last week, the hard drive of my Mac Mini that runs the site died. Completely and irreparably. So I had to wait until the next day before I could go out, buy a new drive, install it in the Mini, pop in the Snow Leopard DVD and do a full restore from Time Machine (the Mac’s standard backup program). It’s a godsend.

29 feed subscribers?

So I signed up to FeedBurner last week, Google’s feed statistics and optimization tool, basically because I never got round to it in the past and to see if I had any RSS subscribers. Much to my surprise it says I have an average of 29 subscribers. Say what? I knew there’d probably be one or two because it also counts things like Live Bookmarks, but 29?! So yeah, if you’re one of them; hi. And thanks for subscribing. :)

Popular posts 2010

Here’s a list of my top 15 posts this year so far, that is the posts that got the most hits in 2010. Which just goes to show that no matter how popular you might think a post might or might not be, it always turns out different. Some of my most popular (if you measure it by hits anyway, I like comments too but that’s pretty much dried up after the forum closed) posts are one line shorties linking to a new service or interesting site.

622 hits Pixdaus
492 hits wallpaper generator
198 hits Glims; make Safari act more like Firefox
180 hits Top 50 atheism quotes
133 hits Ikea smorgasbrod names
94 hits Happy 30th birthday Pac-man
92 hits Tilt-shift maker
91 hits Transparent Mac-Book
84 hits Drobo & DroboShare
82 hits MailServe Snow
71 hits Witch Hunter ROBIN Original Sound Scores
71 hits Gmail Custom Time feature
70 hits Line attenuation and SNR
65 hits Inuyasha Wind -Symphonic Theme Collection-
65 hits Amiga nostalgia

Weird selection indeed. Maybe I should cater more to these? Or just post randomly and keep my fingers crossed as usual… no more

Given the overwhelming flood of emails, tweets and pokes everywhere regarding being down I decided to finally post about it.
No really, nothing of the above of course. But the site is down, for good, seeing as the domain expired and no one but me looked at it anyway. I did miss my little news reader however, so it’s now moved here.
Rejoice! And stuff.

WoW forum?

Hmmm, maybe I should start a WoW forum for our guild and the other people we’ve met along the way and play with on our realm. Could be fun…

We’re back! Now what?

Awesome. The site’s been down for a month and we’ve apparently completely fallen off the Google bandwagon, and therefor for all intents and purposes, off the internet.

We moved and so did our internet connection, except my ISP (xs4all) failed to send me a new modem 3 times in a row, resulting in the extreme long downtime of the sites.

So yeah, no traffic left whatsoever, now what?
At least it’s good to be back. I’ll add some vacation piccies, some from the move, and then finally upgrade to WordPress 3 and take it from there.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.