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Top 20 posts according to AideRSS
AideRSS is a new site which among other things can ‘analyze’ your blog and give you a list of your most popular posts.
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New look

It’s still plain vanilla, so there’s a lot to be updated, changed and modified. The author bit on the right is hardcoded so I can’t change it until I get home.
Let me know if there’s anything b0rked. At least the feeds are working again.

Traffic nosedive

If you came here from a search engine looking for anime reviews, go here because they’ve all moved.

Work in progress…

The shape of things to come

An old post about what I wanted to change around here which I’ve had in draft for ‘quite’ a while, figured I might as well hit publish:
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Nintendo DS mania

Nintendo DS
After seeing CommS007’s new blog here and his list of DS games and systems I thought it’d be cool to do a similar thing, but spread it out with a post per game so I can add coverart & pics and the likes and then use a plugin to list all the games on 1 page.
Maybe add a few comments on the game, stuff like that.
Who else has a DS around here?

So long

Well then, time to pull the plug.
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Search terms

For anyone who is curious, here’s the top 10 of most used search terms to get to this website:
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Not too shabby. And quite a milestone (you can always see the exact current number on my about page). Think of it as 1000 posts on a forum, only better. A big thank you to everyone who has ever left a comment here on my blog, I always look forward to what you lot have to say in reply to my random writings, it’s what makes blogging fun for me and it’s the main reason I still try and update it as best as I can despite being ridiculously busy at the moment.
Me love you long time.


Once upon a time, blogs started getting flooded with spam comments. This was done because in the comment a link would refer back to the spammers site. This is a backlink. The more backlinks you have to your site the higher your pagerank on Google becomes. This is a good thing. Spamming is a bad thing. It got so bad that search engines started checking for a ‘nofollow’ tag that would mean that comments wouldn’t count as backlinks. This was done to stop the spammers, but it was useless. Fast forward to late 2007 and everyone uses anti-spam like Akismet to protect their comments, but software like WordPress still places a nofollow tag on comments. This is bad because valid backlinks from you lovely people who post real comments don’t get counted either.
Enter the dofollow plugin which I have now added and activated.
So as of now all your new (and old) comments have the nofollow removed and thus give you proper linklove the way the internet was supposed to work.

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Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.