Android goes Open Source

The operating system powering the G1, aka the Google Phone, is now available as Open Source. Which deserves a yay because 1) it means that a whole army of people around the world can now start tinkering with it and developing apps, or even modifying the OS, and 2) this should disprove all the tinfoil hats worried about selling their soul to Google. Oh yeah, and it’s linux based.
Now where’s the Yahoo phone?

Ubuntu countdown

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 splash
3 more days before Hardy Heron, aka 8.04 is released, and I’m looking forward to it. This is another LTS (long term support) release, meaning it’ll receive security updates for the next 5 years.
I’ll be tinkering with it on a spare pc to see if it’s got the goods to sway me away from the alternatives. I haven’t seen a conclusive list of everything new, but there are enough bits and pieces around the web to make me interested.


is now my chat client of choice as it’s the only one able to detect my connection settings, meaning it’s the only one that works through my proxy at work when I’m connected with vpn AND automagically detects when I’m not connected with vpn.
MSN is being weird, I now have Squid (my proxy at work) set to recognize my vpn ipaddress range so I can surf while connected with Firefox but IE7 (and thus msn/live messenger seeing as it uses IE’s connection settings) seems to flat out refuse to do anything. More puzzle work remains.

Compiz Fusion

Compiz Fusion
Watch the video (hat tip to Corvo), it looks really great. I want!

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Fedora 7 released

Fedora 7
Finally, it’s here. A nice alternative if Ubuntu or OpenSuse aren’t your cup of tea. This will power my Proliant soon.

Leopard says meow

Apple’s new OS, Leopard, is now officially delayed until October. Apparently because the iPhone is such an advanced high tech piece of equipment that they had to put Leopard devs on the project to get it shipping in June.
Suuuuure, it’s still just a bloody phone.

I’d care more if I still had any spare time for computers. As is; meh. I’m looking forward to playing with XenSource’s XenEnterprise at work, might even move my Proliant back to work, no time to play with it at home at the moment anyway, and it makes a perfect test server.

Mission server

Mmmm, threads
The second Xeon is in, and it’s yummy to see 8 threads like that. Ordered 3 harddrive trays, so now all I need is 3 harddrives and it’s Thunderbirds away.
Still trying out a bunch of different Linux distros. OpenSuse 10.2 was nice but too desktop focused and a bit of a mess with updates, Fedora Core 6 felt surprisingly solid, now it’s on to Gentoo.


Mandriva Linux Metisse Project
The current big thing in linux land is Beryl, offering a luvly 3D desktop experience vaguely similar to but way sjweeter than Os X.
But now there seems to be a new kid on the block in the form of Mandriva’s Metisse. After seeing the demo vids I’m definitely going to give their LiveCD a go next week or so. It’s way beyond anything Beryl can do at the moment, if not as polished. Interesting times.

New toy

HP Proliant ML150G3
My new ‘little’ toy, weighing in at 50kg. Powered by a single Xeon 5050 DualCore processor (second one’s arriving next week), it’s fun.
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Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.