Google Chrome, beta no more

Wow, they move fast. 3 months ago the first beta was released. Now, 10 versions later they’ve hit gold and 1.0 has been released. And if the first beta was fast, this one is a lot faster, and of course a lot more stable as well.

Android goes Open Source

The operating system powering the G1, aka the Google Phone, is now available as Open Source. Which deserves a yay because 1) it means that a whole army of people around the world can now start tinkering with it and developing apps, or even modifying the OS, and 2) this should disprove all the tinfoil hats worried about selling their soul to Google. Oh yeah, and it’s linux based.
Now where’s the Yahoo phone?

Google Chrome Beta coming today

Hell officially froze over.
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25 Best Gimped images

GIMP is an amazing image editing software that allows people with limitless imagination create extraordinary images out of ordinary photos.

I’m all for Open Source programs, and use a lot of them for just about every aspect of my computing experience, whether that’s professional or in my spare time for my hobbies, but come on… if these are the best 25 pictures Gimp can come up with I’m going to stick with Photoshop…

Firefox 3

Firefox getting a bit sluggish for you? Try switching to beta 5 of Firefox 3.
It’s got a lot of new features, none of which I tried yet, but… and it’s a big but, it’s faster. No really faster, a lot faster. I keep dozens of tabs open all the time and all of a sudden switching between them is fast again, real snappy. And page refreshes feel a lot faster too. And it uses a lot less memory as well.

– If you need Java support (like for our company’s ERP system), stay away from it.
– Need a working plugin for Firefox 3? Get it here.

Ubuntu countdown

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 splash
3 more days before Hardy Heron, aka 8.04 is released, and I’m looking forward to it. This is another LTS (long term support) release, meaning it’ll receive security updates for the next 5 years.
I’ll be tinkering with it on a spare pc to see if it’s got the goods to sway me away from the alternatives. I haven’t seen a conclusive list of everything new, but there are enough bits and pieces around the web to make me interested.

Ubuntu, Vista, XP, or?

What do you run on your main computer? And why? Seeing as mine is slowly crashing I’m trying to decide what to install on the ‘new’ one. XP is the safest best because it just works. My wife only needs Firefox and Photoshop, which run on any OS under the sun so she doesn’t really care. But I’m used to a lot of nifty little programs on windows for both recreational purposes and getting work done, and do I really want to invest time in finding equivalents for all of them in linux? Plus I use linux enough at work to know it’s not answer to all prayers as some advocates claim either. And then there’s Vista. I’ve always said I’d wait until SP1… so now it’s here. Is it any good? Why would I want it? Other than eyecandy that is. Which I can get on any os as well.
Ah, decisions decisions…

Save Windows XP

Vista sucks, but Windows XP is going to be discontinued as of June 30 2008.
Sign this petition to let Microsoft know we want XP to stick around.
Close to 80000 people have signed it already, but it’s going to need a lot more votes to convince the big M.

Computer, speak to me

And take notes while you’re at it.

Or, in other words, I’m wondering what the current state of text to speech and speech to text software is. Given the amount of hours in a day and looking at my todo list and it’s clear I’ve got a problem. Or problem… I simply can’t squeeze everything in those mere 24 hours, especially if you take out time for such boring things as sleeping, working and commuting. Commuting takes me about 2 hours a day, so it would be brilliant if I could do something else while driving to and back from work.

Which got me thinking, it would be lovely if I could plonk some software on a laptop or ultra portable and have it, for example, read out the news to me from a batch of selected RSS feeds. Equally it would be brilliant if the damn thing would listen to my voice so I could operate it, and have it take notes, for example I could dictate whole blog entries, or finally note down all the ideas I get for new stuff which I for some reason mostly forget once I get out of the car.
Is there anyone who has any experience with doing anything like this, either on Windows, Os X or any flavor of Linux?

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.