Leopard says meow

Apple’s new OS, Leopard, is now officially delayed until October. Apparently because the iPhone is such an advanced high tech piece of equipment that they had to put Leopard devs on the project to get it shipping in June.
Suuuuure, it’s still just a bloody phone.

I’d care more if I still had any spare time for computers. As is; meh. I’m looking forward to playing with XenSource’s XenEnterprise at work, might even move my Proliant back to work, no time to play with it at home at the moment anyway, and it makes a perfect test server.

Mission server

Mmmm, threads
The second Xeon is in, and it’s yummy to see 8 threads like that. Ordered 3 harddrive trays, so now all I need is 3 harddrives and it’s Thunderbirds away.
Still trying out a bunch of different Linux distros. OpenSuse 10.2 was nice but too desktop focused and a bit of a mess with updates, Fedora Core 6 felt surprisingly solid, now it’s on to Gentoo.


Mandriva Linux Metisse Project
The current big thing in linux land is Beryl, offering a luvly 3D desktop experience vaguely similar to but way sjweeter than Os X.
But now there seems to be a new kid on the block in the form of Mandriva’s Metisse. After seeing the demo vids I’m definitely going to give their LiveCD a go next week or so. It’s way beyond anything Beryl can do at the moment, if not as polished. Interesting times.

New toy

HP Proliant ML150G3
My new ‘little’ toy, weighing in at 50kg. Powered by a single Xeon 5050 DualCore processor (second one’s arriving next week), it’s fun.
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Forget about Microsoft’s Vista & Apple’s OsX, there’s no eyecandy like Enlightenment eyecandy. The real source of desktop innovation since 1996.

Killer app

Why isn’t there an application which lets me point to an image file, drag some boxes around to assign which part of the image is the menu, the content area, the sidebar etc… and hit a magic button which turns it into a wordpress theme?
The world needs it!

Well, I do.

AIM done right

AIM Ad Hack screenshot
Recently I’ve been hopping on aim again seeing as I’m taking a break from IRC, but the client just ticks me off, mainly because in both the regular as in the new and glossy Triton version you get the most annoying ads imaginable, which are seriously distracting when you’re playing a game and you see them scrolling in the corner of your eye on the second screen.
So after a little searching I found this little gem: Aim Ad Hack. It doesn’t matter what version of aim you currently use because this program will automatically download the correct new aim program and patch it so you get all the new beta goodness from Triton (assuming you go for the 6.x version) but without the crap.

Firefox 2.0

And following the previous post, tomorrow will see the release of the real browser in all its 2.0 goodness.
I’ve been using the release candidates for quite a while and it’s good stuff. Faster, better, less memory and new features. Finally integrated session management (close the browser, with or without a lot of tabs open, and the next time you start it’ll open all the pages right where you left them) without having to use an extension.

And speaking of extensions… with any new major version there’s always the wait for the extensions to get updated. Well, in case you’re in a hurry or the developer skipped town; do it yourself.
In most cases getting the plugin to work only means checking the plugin dir for the one you want to get working, open install.rdf with a text editor and look for a line with max-version, it’ll say something like 1.5.*
Simply change that value to 2.0.* and relaunch Firefox and your trusty old plugin should be back and working again.

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7
If you woke up today feeling like the world had somehow just gotten worse, as if something was terribly wrong, like if Satan himself had conjured up some horrific demon from the bowels of hell, releasing it on earth to do its evil deeds and corrupt mankind even more, well…. you have sensed correctly. Internet Explorer 7 is finally released onto the masses.
Duck and cover.

I’m posting this from the comforts of my MacBook which I will now have to set aside to turn on my pc and install this behemoth just for shits ‘n giggles. If I don’t make it back… pray for me.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.