How to make your own digital anaglyphs

Ana what? Anaglyphs. Or… how to make old school blurry 3D images you need to watch through those red & blue glasses. Pretty fun to see it’s still around, with some freeware programs listed to get you started.

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Bits ‘n pieces

Firefox 1.5 is trickling down the mirrors, so it should hit the main page at any minute now. I’ve steered clear of all the betas and RCs for once so I’m looking forward to grabbing this one, hoping the bump in numbering is a sign of good things.

I’ve also signed up at Technorati which is sort of the blog grapevine. At first I went meh to see the rank for was 231236. Only later I read that they track over 22 million blogs, so hey, not bad at all. And I’ve only just begun.

For those commenting here I’ve added another plugin which enables you to receive a mail when an entry where you added a comment gets another reply. Should make it easier to track things and keep a discussion going.

Create native Windows applications using PHP

This looks very interesting. Especially seeing as it’s the language I’m most familiar with, I’d love to be able to fiddle around with PHP to make the odd app now and again.

The new browser for the new web?

There’s a new browser in town, sort of. It’s called Flock, and it’s supposed to be the next great thing.
So is it? Well… yes and no.

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More Google goodies

Google Desktop 2 got released today.
The new sidebar looks nice, if a bit 90’s compared to the likes of Samurize, but I’m sure plenty of people will find it useful.
I still don’t see the use for it for myself, most of my stuff’s organized and this is way too unstructured but meh, see for yourself.

Developer’s Top 10 replies when code doesn’t work…

Top 10 replies by developers when their programs don’t work:

10. ‘That’s weird…’
9. ‘It’s never done that before.’
8. ‘It worked yesterday.’
7. ‘You must have the wrong version.’
6. ‘It works, but it hasn’t been tested.’
5. ‘Somebody must have changed my code.’
4. ‘Did you check for a virus?’
3. ‘Where were you when the program blew up?’
2. ‘Why do you want to do it that way?’

and finally …

1. ‘I thought I fixed that.’

So familiar, only missing my standard reply to PEBKAC users:
“It’s because of atmospheric interference”


A new website for AmigaOS4.0 has been launched, this time by Hyperion.
I lost track of all the drama in the past year but this is really shaping up like a second Duke Nukem Forever.
E.T.A: no bloody clue.

Such a shame, part of me still wants to believe, even after all these years.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.