Tulip bulb

Hi, it’s been a while. Quite a few things have changed over the years.
New work, new hobbies, new marital status. Then again plus ça change…
Maybe I’ll dip into hobbies here over the next period to come, some of the stuff here is horribly outdated and it’ll be interesting to see if people actually still use their browsers or it’s all social media apps now.

Le Pont Mirabeau



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Job interview questions


I wonder if they have any openings…

Tea bags

I remember a decade (or two) ago a teabag was good for a pot of tea. Now a teabag is good for a cup of tea. Same size teabag, same size content. Where does the difference between a whole pot and a cup come from? What do they put in that bag?
I don’t trust this stuff, I’ll stick to coffee.

Good rants are good

Sometimes I think I should stop posting rants about idiots.
Then I come across something like this and I’m reassured I’m not the only one annoyed with the current level of retardation in the online ‘community’.

My main computer is my phone

Sad but true. Or maybe a good thing. But I realized it this week.
I have several computers I use either directly or indirectly, there’s my work laptop, running Windows 7, there’s my home laptop, running Windows 7 and solely used for playing World of Warcraft, there’s my Mac Mini, which isn’t used directly but is nevertheless on 24/7 as it runs my websites and as my mailserver. And then there’s the iMac, which was originally meant to be MY personal computer but my wife had other plans.
So that leaves the iPhone. Which is used for email, calendar, taking pictures, social networking, gaming, todo lists.
So yeah, my main computer is my phone. Weird realization. And a good excuse to covet the iPhone 4. Or an iPad.

Being a dad

Being a dad is, in a nutshell, the coolest thing in the world. Maybe I’m privileged by having 2 daughters who think that I’m the coolest thing in the world, but still. It’s awesome watching them develop and learning new things on a daily basis. Even if the new thing is them parading around the house wearing your shoes, or unlocking your phone so they can browse through the pictures of themselves. Amy’s a year and a half now and Eve’s had her third birthday in December, but not a day goes by that I look at them in amazement and how much of an impact they make on our lives. And it’s mutual of course, you realize all too well how much of an impact you make on how these little beings experience the world and everything in it. I guess it’s the ultimate sense of responsibility one might have. Call me old fashioned, but good parenting makes all the difference in a kid’s life and how they’ll be growing up to tackle the world and find their own place in it. It’s fulfilling to be a part of that, and to be able to say, “I’m a dad”.

Web complexity

I’m sitting here trying to figure out why my code, that worked fine on a standalone page, borks when I try to embed it on a WordPress page. In particular strip_slashes doesn’t seem to want to work anymore. So is it a problem with my code, with WordPress, with the Exec-PHP plugin or any of the other plugins? While wading through all this code, including a premium WP theme with buckets of Javascript, I can’t help but think we’ve come a long way in the past decade when back then all you needed was some rudimentary html knowledge to get your site up and running in minutes and say hi to the world.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.