Howling at the moon

The mind works in mysterious ways, I still don’t get why you sometimes dream the way you do. It can be unsettling at times, waking up covered in sweat and totally out of it. It’s also always puzzled me why you can still remember it vividly when you wake up but it fades so quickly in the hours afterwards.


… meh.


4am and still fully awake.
Much to think about. Hmm.
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Fix me baby

My arms hurt like hell, my stomache hurts like hell, my chest muscles ache, I feel like I could punch a hole through a wall and I’m half tempted to try. Damn I’ve missed working out like this. Metallica on full blast, adrenaline raging and just letting it rip.

Blogging here is always an amusing experience seeing as I know 99.99% of the people showing up on the site will come here looking for final fantasy music, anime wallpapers or x-box modding tips and tricks and they’ll be going wtf reading my crap on the front page. Move right along using the links at the top folks, don’t mind me.
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Coffee time

So much for my plans to post daily or at least every other day or so. It’s funny how life works. Spent the larger part of 2006 preparing things and sorting out various parts of my life in order to kick ass and chew bubblegum in 2007, and here we are. Two weeks into the new year and I can already say that more has happened than in the entire last year. With regard to everything. And we’ve only just begun… next week will bring a whole new world of possibilities.

Now why did I forget to buy new coffee. ¬.¬


Busy week, productive week. Quite exciting really, in many ways. While ehm, rather annoying in some other ways…
Ah, the joys of work. And the joys of hobby turning into work.

Anyway, nothing much to report beside the fact that I’m starting a new project with someone which, once it has materialized out of our minds and has been translated to solid code, will probably spin off into a company of some sorts. And no, this is totally unrelated to the Silk Tale stuff, which after the announcement has since been rather M.I.A. with A being either action and/or activity. Too much depending on other people, too little time to spare on it myself. So that’s still on the todo list from hell.

Ooh, and I did manage to find time this week to wallmount the 3 TFTs. Mmm, me likes. Piccies will follow once the whole rest of the setup has been completed, or at least nearer completion than it is now.

I finally dared to refresh my newsreader, here are the bits I will be reading right after I click on the publish button for this blog entry:,127826-c,internetutilities/article.html
I usually skim the entries in the newsreader, middleclick the ones that sound interesting so they open in a new tab and then start reading once I’ve reached the end of the new stuff line in the newsfeeds queue.
So I hope they’re good. :)

A quarter to midnight, time for coffee.

And why do my stitches itch?


and it’s cold outside. The shitty weather season has finally arrived and so does the general feeling of doom and gloom. Sorta.
The forum’s dead as a doornail and I’m guessing so is the chatroom. Which is why I left the latter a while ago for the first time since it started and why I’ll probably pull the plug on the forum when we turn the page for 2007. At some point you just have to admit defeat and move on.
Sad? Well yeah, it’s the end of an era. But what you can do… whining about it doesn’t help. Just about everyone has moved on and both CommS ‘n me are spending to bloody much time working to waste what precious spare time we have on a community that’s already left the building. That time can be better spent on other things.

To be continued…

Are forums dead?

That’s a question that’s been on my mind a lot recently. At first I thought it was just our forum, but when I had a look around I see nearly all the traditional sites with forums struggling to keep the damn things alive.
Maybe it’s part of the whole 2.0 (r)evolution, as much as I hate the buzzword there’s no denying it does signify a lot of changes that have been going on over the past year. Longer really, but it’s especially in the past year that 2.0 has taken over. When I look at the sites I visit on a daily basis it’s all blogs and newssites, or newssites using a blog mechanism. I’m quite surprised seeing as my daily routine used to consist of mainly forums which I’d visit and where I’d contribute. But either they’re gone, or they’ve gone stale, or maybe I’ve just moved on. In which case I can’t help but wonder where did the sense of community go? Yes Digg can be amusing, in a 3 second attention span kind of way, and yes you can comment on Flickr and other 2.0-ish sites, but I have yet to find something that compares to a forum in terms of building a community spirit. The idea of getting to know people and looking forward to their posts and replies feels lacking from most places. Sharing your hobbies, random thoughts about common interests or even mundane happenings.
So where does that leave this place which was very much built around the idea of a forum as central heart of our community?

100th blog entry!

Woohoo… and not a damn thing to say. ¬.¬

The weeks are wooshing by and it feels like there’s so much going on and at the same time not a damn thing happens. Oh summer where areth thou.

So what are you up to?

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.