Warm weather: yay!
Bloody hot weather while having to work: boo!

It’s not even the work part per se that sucks, except for the fact that I’d rather be laying at the beach obviously, but with this kind of heat it’s just impossible to fall asleep at night. Meaning I’m a zombie in the morning and pretty much all through the day until I got home and catch some Zzz’s before I get rejuvenated at night, right about when I should be thinking about going to bed to prevent another cycle of zombie-ness.
3 more weeks til vacation…

March, zzZz

heffer_wolfe: so what’s been up? we didn’t really talk too much earlier
XIII: Same old, same old. Busy with work and all that, yadda yadda ;)
heffer_wolfe sounds similar
XIII: Yeah, weeks fly by and in hindsight you wonder what the fuck you actually did
heffer_wolfe: yep…I want to travel but never get around to actually doing it
XIII: Aye, my plan to visit a country a month this year pretty much went tits up as well. Score thusfar: life = 1, me = 0
heffer_wolfe: also sounds similary
XIII: We’re lame
heffer_wolfe: some day…hopefully I will do…something
XIII: Some daaaaay, over the rainbow… (R)
heffer_wolfe: I’ve been in a training course for the last month – which is my excuse for this last month here
heffer_wolfe: it’s bad when you make excuses
XIII: Aye, it’s a sign of clear suckage. Hooked up with Commie last weekend and what did we do…. *drumroll* nothing. Not a goddamn thing except a bit of gaming and drinking.
heffer_wolfe: hey, at least you made an effort to do ‘something’

I think that sums it up nicely.

I <3 Slashdot and Digg

There, I’ve said it. Out loud, in black and white, there’s no denying it anymore. I know looking down on the 2 is the hip thing to do on blogs these days. You only need to look at some of the blogs on Technorati’s top 100 to see plenty of posts and countless comments praising the latest Web 2.0 fad (Newsvine anyone) and saying it’ll bury Slashdot. Well guess what… it’s not going to happen.
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This entry could be called: What I’m currently listening to / What has been my main musical companion while commuting this week / What best describes my mood / How I love Diary of Dreams.
So take your pick while I crank up the volume for ‘Haus der Stille’.

Todo list for the site, part 1

Here’s a bunch of stuff on my list I hope to get around to sooner (or later). I’m noting it down here because half the stuff isn’t written down anywhere and just pops up randomly when I’m laying in bed and should be getting some sleep.
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My main comp is working flawlessly again. It went wonky after I added RAM a month ago or so, black screen and everything. After getting it back to work eventually it’s been unstable eversince. So yesterday I decided to take the plunge and reinstall… no boot option for cd. Big aha moment seeing as I know my Asus board (as any Asus board I’ve encountered) is rather picky about which drives it accepts with what cables and what settings. And seeing as I have 10+ drives in there… some quick rearranging, moving some stuff around to the onboard ‘raid’ controller, some to the standard IDE and some to my pci IDE controller and tadaaa, there was the boot option again. But… no need to reinstall XP anymore, it’s been running sjweetly for 18 hours or so with none of the problems I’d been having. So yay!

It’s a big load off my back as any problems with that system would have priority over some other plans, like getting a server up and running on a dedicated ADSL line to host the site myself. So now I can wait for the ADSL connection (ordered last week) and look around for a server. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a good one before the site crashes and burns on the current shared hosting account given the increasing amount of traffic over the last couple of months. :)
Interesting times.

Last post of the year

as the minutes tick away.
Bring on the 2006 freshness, enough has been said about 2005 already.

Done with training

Training’s over, and most of it was quite interesting, particularly the Exchange 2003 stuff. I have to admit there’s quite a bit of functionality hidden away in there, but I still wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole for my personal mail server. It’s just too damn wobbly and some of the more interesting features (RPC over http for example) feel like they were last minute afterthoughts that were added in the most clunky way possible. Does it work; yes. Would anyone with half a brain implement a feature that requires poking in the registry and making obscure keys that bind/open over a dozen ports in a production environment; hell no.

So after about 9 or 10 courses I’m done for the year, and I must say it’s been educational indeed. I learned a lot about Linux’ weaknesses I didn’t know and a lot about Windows’ strengths I was unfamiliar with, leaving me more in the middle when it comes to ‘taking sides’. I’ve always preferred to look for the right tool for the job instead of playing OS wars. But some of the stereotypes are just too true, when you look at the stuff we did during all the Novell Suse CLP trainings almost everything always worked and at the end of each course all servers were still running silky smooth. In contrast during some of the MCSA courses we all failed to get something working and we were lucky if half the machines were still running as intended by the end of the course… that does say something.

Knowledge is power… usually

A week of Exchange training awaits. Joy… not. I still have to pack, crashing at C’s will inject teh fun into a week of struggling with software I don’t really want to use to begin with, for obvious reasons. Last training only 1 comp running 2003 was still running as intended after 4 days. That’s bad, even the instructor’s machine was borked.

The past few days have been entertaining, an evening with Bres, an evening with Angel and afterwards drinking with other peeps, yesterday Corvo’s birthday.

To infinity, and beyond!

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.